Since 2014, KLOR began offering two different versions of kickball; Classic & Vintage.
Here we'll recap, clarify, and expand on what they're all about. We emphasize that the two versions, Classic & Vintage, are not based on skill levels. There is nothing preventing teams of any "skill level" from registering for either version. KLOR Kickball is not based on "skill", KLOR kickball is based on "fun". As of Summer 2018, Classic overtook Vintage as the preferred version for the majority of teams each season.

Kickball is a game, not a sport. So keep that in mind regardless of which version you choose to play in.

The rules are identical for both versions, including Rule #1; "Let's Have Fun".


Classic is for teams that just don't give a darn about playoffs. In return, those "playoff week(s)" are filled with additional kickball game(s); all while playing against teams that are of a similar approach to the idea behind kickball.

It's just recess-style kickball; but as an adult.  We expect teams to still want to win. Who doesn't like winning? The score of the game is still recorded and plays a small role in the quantity of Classic Points that are awarded each week. Points are primarily based on the experiences of the two teams with each other. A team's Classic Points ultimately determines the overall standings rank. You're "competing" on funnot just for fun.

Classic is about having a team "game plan". Do theme nights, creative challenge ideas, and have a well stocked cooler. Pre-game, post-game, and in-game planning will help others interpret your spirit of the game. Completing your opponent survey is crucial to this process. If you don’t complete the survey, your ranking can take a dive. It’s all about bringing the fun, being the fun, and pushing your fun to the max.

You could lose every game each season and still come out on top. KLOR Classic is kickball at it’s finest and it's not offered anywhere else except here.

Team spots are limited on each night for a full season of kickball. Teams that take the top spot in the classic standings will be crowned champions, awarded a trophy, and memorialized on the website.

This version gets back to our roots of 2007.
This is why we play kickball, because it's a blast. 


Vintage is for teams that don't want anything to change from their normal, expected, or past kickball experiences.

You show up, you play the game, the score is reported,and standings are still calculated on win percentage first with tie breakers in the order of head-to-head, Runs Allowed, then Runs For.

There's no guarantee you make the playoffs, and you can still dress up in costumes if you want to.

The fun you have in vintage is the fun that you and your team make of it.

Team spots are limited on each night for a full season of kickball.Teams that take the top spot in the vintage standings on their night will be crowned champions, awarded a trophy, and memorialized on the website.

In some seasons, and when mother nature allows, the nightly champions will square off in a Tournament of Champions to determine the league vintage champion.

This version is the same that has been offered since 2007.  

You can come to compete, but just mind your P's & Q's.

Just remember, this is kickball.


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