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COVID-19 Addendum revised for upcoming seasons on 02/27/21 at 10:15pm

Captain Responsibility Policy

KLOR considers the team captain as the individual who registered the team for the season. The team captain is responsible for all administrative and financial obligations of the team.

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring the full cost of registering a team has been paid in full by the payment due date listed in the registration confirmation email received by the captain for each team they register for that season. Teams determined with a delinquent balance will be assessed a late payment fee of $35 a week until paid in full. Late fees will count starting 8:00pm every 7 days from the initial due date. KLOR reserves the right to prevent teams with a delinquent balance, including late fees, from participating in any scheduled games until rectified. In the event a team captain maintains a delinquent balance on a current or former team and subsequently registers a team for an upcoming season, KLOR reserves the right to deactivate the potential team and apply deposit towards rectifying any delinquent balance. Team(s) with an outstanding balance after midnight on Sunday following the payment due date will be tagged as "naughty" and those team shirts will be set aside at the captains meeting during the standard hand out procedure for any required in-person follow up with a league director to resolve outstanding concerns. 

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that their teams apparel order is submitted and accurate by the apparel deadline each season. Once orders are submitted to vendor(s) for printing they generally cannot be changed/substituted. Any subtractions or modifications to the team apparel order are not guaranteed after the deadline. Additions to orders after the deadline will generally be processed accordingly. Apparel order additions received more than 24 hours after a Captains Meeting are not guaranteed and may be subject to additional shipping/processing fees, which would be stated and agreed upon between the captain & KLOR before a late order is submitted to vendor(s) for processing. Please note that additionally ordered t-shirts will take at least 7-10 days to acquire. 

Team Captains are responsible for attending the Captains Meeting and picking up their team’s apparel. A team captain may designate another party (or stand in) to accomplish Captain Meeting duties in the event they are unavailable.

A team captain who wishes to abdicate their responsibilities to another individual may do so upon agreement between KLOR and the 2nd party. All team captain responsibilities will transfer to the new team captain; including any outstanding financial obligations. Information relating to specific teams, where it appears that a team captain has abandoned their duties, will be disseminated to players associated with that team for resolution or fulfillment of a season.

The Team Captain “on paper” may designate an individual as the “Game Day Captain” to work with the assigned game referee for game day captain duties. These game day duties include but are not limited to challenges, meeting with the referee, and ensuring the team’s players are abiding by the current set of rules. See the current set of rules for instances where a game day captain is referenced for those duties and obligations.

In the event a team is awarded a trophy for in season accomplishments. The team captain “on paper” will receive that award. If that captain is not present, the “game day” captain will be its recipient. If this award is not presented on a game day, a verified team player may collect the award in the absence of the “on paper” captain.

In the event a future accommodation is made by KLOR for co-captains for teams. These individuals will be intended as additional contact references for team players, the league, and their social sponsor. Administrative and financial duties, unless agreed upon by all parties, will still fall under the registering individual or agreed upon transferring individual.


Unresponsive Captain Policy

Captains who both fail to submit a team t-shirt order and fail to respond to email(s), text message(s), and/or phone call(s) to the contact info on file for the team within 24 hours after the official T-shirt deadline will result in forfeiture of their registered team for that season. Deposit amount will be held and refunded if and when a replacement team is located. Emails to and from and its representatives is the official and preferred method of communication of KLOR. However, with discretion, KLOR may make contact to team captains via text message or phone calls to remediate issues.

Sponsorship Policy

It is optional for a team to seek out a social sponsorship. KLOR does not place teams with Social Sponsors. If obtained, it is the responsibility of the team to make those arrangements with the establishment and maintain the team’s sponsorship obligations for the season. We realize that captains may delegate this coordination to a team member, but the team captain will be our contact for any sponsorship concerns. Captains/teams are responsible for covering any monetary sponsorship contribution that does not arrive by the due date. If you have any sponsorship contribution arrangement concerns, please reach out via email to 
An acceptable practice is for captains to forward their Team Portal link to the establishment for online submission of a monetary contribution. KLOR can also refund (1) individual if a physical check endorsed to KLOR is preferred by the establishment; when overpayment occurs. Refund will either occur through a payment transaction reversal, when possible, or by check.
In some instances, your Social Sponsor may work with KLOR directly to coordinate a bulk contribution on behalf of the team, for all of their teams, at once. If they have notified you of this arrangement, please only pay down to their contribution amount so that it can be deducted by KLOR. We will notify you when their contribution has been received, invoiced, and/or removed. 
While not required with non-monetary sponsorship arrangements, it is helpful when teams provide notice to KLOR of their team sponsorship.

Tardy Apparel Pickup Policy

Team balances can be subjected to a $25 administrative processing fee for team apparel that is not attempted to be acquired during the pre-determined Captain's Meeting time(s). Teams and/or Captain's with a known history for deadline tardiness and or logistical behavior unbecoming of a kickball captain, will not be shown leniency with this fee.


Offensive Team Name Policy

Team names are initially submitted by captains when reserving/securing a team upon successful registration completion.Due to the large number of teams processed throughout each season and interval at which they are submitted, not all team names are actively reviewed by KLOR letter for letter or word for word. However, most team names will likely be reviewed during regular team processing procedures (such as the addition/change of a social sponsor). As team names will be displayed publicly, KLOR reserves the right at any point to review and filter what is posted online. The review of team names happens either through random processing procedures or through awareness from other entities. The wording or phrasing of team names with double meanings, as adult humor, are generally acceptable, however those with a more direct/targeted approach are generally not acceptable. As adults who "kick balls", KLOR appreciates the creativity of team names in a non-offensive manner. Teams names that are determined to have words, phrases, spelling, and/or the capitalization/punctuation of a team name that could be construed as disrespectful based on one (or more) of the following categories; gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, and/or other relevant criteria will be modified under the discretion of KLOR. Potty-mouth, slander, and explicit language are also taken into consideration when reviewing a team name. Historical precedence (being able to utilize a team name in a previous season) is not considered when reviewing a team name.

Team names that are deemed offensive will be changed to include the following ordered attributes:

  • "TBD"
  • Night of the Week
  • Captain Initials

For example: John Doe captain's a Friday team = "TBD-FRI-JD"

Team names can be changed or updated by the team captain by contacting KLOR at or replying to any direct correspondence. Any team name change requested by a non-captain will be forwarded for approval by the team's captain in question.

Tournament Refund Policy

Tournament refund policy will supercede any earlier tournament refund policy. This tournament policy will be updated before any tournament event registration opens.


Privacy Policy

User information is kept private from 3rd parties. Player first name, last name, and optional middle initial only are displayed in the waiver section of a "Team Portal". Access to the "Team Portal" is only  distributed, willingly, by the team captain whose contact info is displayed prominently for all players associated with that team. Team Captain contact info only is also shared only when they select or delegate a social sponsor(s) for their team either at the time of registration or after. Updates to Social Sponsor to KLOR via e-mail, verbally, or by other means of electronic communication will change/update and or remove the access that any selected social sponsor would have. Any and all updates or changes of the social sponsor for a team, by KLOR, will be confirmed electronically to the e-mail address of the team captain in question.This captain contact information includes the following; Captain First and Last Name, Captain E-mail Address, Captain Phone Number, Team Name, Shirt Color, and any monetary amount expected from the selected Social Sponsor.

KLOR does not provide the contact information of kickballers to KLOR advertisers or its affiliates, however, KLOR may distribute information to players on their behalf regarding products, promotions, and/or services that may be beneficial to kickballers. 

All other user info will only be released under one of the following conditions:

  • With explicit written consent from the user
  • In response to subpoenas, court orders, legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.
  • If we believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, extreme violations of league rules and regulations, or as otherwise required by law.
  • To resolve disputes, process insurance claims, and or collect past due fees.
  • For insurance purposes.

KLOR will never see or keep any credit or debit card payment information you provide. Only payment authorization and transaction confirmation details are stored for receipt records.


League Refund Policy

A regular season that has been completed between 75% and 100% will not be offered a refund.

If (1) of your regular season games can not be completed by the end of the regular season, playoff week(s) will move forward as initially planned.

If (2) of your regular season games can not be completed by the end of the regular season, (1) of your playoff week(s) will consist of a rescheduled regular season game and playoffs will be adjusted accordingly or if necessary. KLOR will make every attempt to complete playoffs and championships in either a full or reduced fashion, however, neither is guaranteed at the end of a season due to restrictions by mother nature and or Monroe County.

A regular season that is completed between 26% and 74% will be offered refunds on a per game basis for any games after the missed 75%. The per game amount for the 2019 calendar year is $25 dollars. This will be refunded in the form of a check mailed to the current season captain. All of your playoff games(s) will consist of make up games that were missed from the regular season. If 75% of regular season play is completed through the initially planned playoff week(s), a reduced playoff schedule will be determined for the standard end of the season tournament, normally held on a Saturday.

A regular season that is completed at 25% or less will be offered a full reimbursement minus cost of shirts. All of your playoff week(s) will consist of make up games that were missed from the regular season. Playoffs will not happen for any league that is completed under 75% at the end of all initially planned for playoff nights.

Percentage of season is calculated from the number of planned for games intended in a registered version & season.

A full refund will be offered to team captains that would like to withdraw their team registration only by requesting it in writing to before the t-shirt order deadline date listed in the registration confirmation email received by the captain for each team they register for that season.

Team registrations that need to be withdrawn after the t-shirt deadline date for that season and before the league fee due date for that season, and have submitted a t-shirt order, are not entitled to a full refund. By submitting a shirt order and not requesting a withdrawal before the t-shirt due date, forfeits the right to a team deposit refund, up to and including the total cost of the shirts ordered. KLOR will make every effort to locate a team to both back fill the now empty team registration and ordered shirts. If a team has been located, a refund can be offered only up to the costs that were transferred to a replacement team.

Captains who withdraw team registrations after the league fee due date listed in the registration confirmation email for that season are not entitled to a deposit refund and the full forfeited minimum deposit amount will be directly applied to recouping t-shirt costs and administrative work related to locating and coordinating a replacement team.

In all team withdrawal or registration forfeiture scenarios, all goods and services are forfeited; including any on order or produced t-shirts.

Reschedule and No-Show Policy:
All teams are expected to participate on all nights in which they are registered for. If a team registers for Tuesdays, they are expected to be present and available for all Tuesdays during that season. We understand that there may be unexpected occasions when the majority of the team may wish to reschedule their game. Three exceptions are Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day; as these are always a day off from kickball. 
All rescheduling requests are to be sent via email to
KLOR reserves the right to decline all game rescheduling requests. A decline from KLOR is generally related to length of advance notice or availability concerns surrounding fields, daylight, referees, or length of season remaining. It should be noted that any rescheduling in the fall season is extremely limited due to the increased loss of daylight each week.
If a reschedule appears feasible the opponent reserves the right to decline the reschedule request. If a rescheduling request is declined, the requestor still reserves the right to show to the game and participate. A declined request by the opponent is only a forfeit unless officially determined by the requestor to KLOR, or per the forfeit scenarios noted in the current rules. 
Teams that forfeit or no-show are extremely frowned upon. If a team intends to forfeit or no-show for a particular day, the captain or other designated team representative should notify KLOR by email to by 1:00pm on game day. This will allow KLOR to shift or adjust logistics for the day; which may include the opportunity for locating the opponent a team to play in lieu for fun, the shifting of referees, or other logistical concerns. 
KLOR reserves the right to disqualify any team that forfeits two regular season games from of the following:
  • Participating in the remainder of the season.
  • Participating in any opportunity for playoffs or championships.
  • Participating in subsequent seasons.
Any team that forfeits three regular season games will be disqualified from all of the above.
KLOR will do it’s best to accommodate the opponents of games who are forfeited or no-showed against with available resources.

The Our Policies Policy:
The above policies are agreed to by captains when successfully registering a team for each season and by participants when completing the team waiver for an active team. These policies are typically updated once a year; prior to spring registration. In the event an agreed upon policy is updated for an active season, a notice of update will be sent to all who are affected and noted with any effective date for changes. The most current agreed upon policy will be referred to for any previously outstanding matters. 
COVID-19 Policy Addendum
Registering a team assumes agreement with the following and superseding policy changes across all other policies.
T-shirt reductions or substitutions cannot be made after the t-shirt order deadline. Additional t-shirts will be accepted only up until 11:59pm on the Sunday prior to the season start date.
No team will be eligible for a refund for a season in 2021 in the event the season cannot be completed or made-up due to COVID-19 related restrictions; such as government or regional mandates, prohibitions, related changes to field access, or other added requirements. Standard refunds are still in effect for more commonly assumed concerns such as due to severe weather, unplayable fields, and the like; assuming play continues throughout the season.
While teams are not eligible for a refund, a portion of the administrative costs to run weekly games could potentially be eligible for return if all or major parts of the season cannot be completed due to related COVID-19 restrictions.
In the event the season is ended by outside mandates before the transfer of t-shirts, any ordered or on-order t-shirts will be coordinated for pickup shortly thereafter; and only once all outstanding team costs have been remitted.
Any determined return of weekly administrative costs related to COVID-19 restrictions would be distributed to the captain only, as our communication contact for the team, to be reallocated by them as applicable to individual team players. Depending on the amount of any potential return and methods of team payment remittance, this could be returned via a partial deposit transaction reversal or by check.
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