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KLOR rolls out new scheduling interface for referees. KLOR begins offering Glow-in-the-Dark t-shirts beginning with the spring season. Largest spring season ever with 260 teams. Spring season start delayed over a week due to heavy week long rainstorms, flooding and standing water. All Spring games completed during the season. Very wet summer as well; all games on schedule to be completed by the end of the summer season. KLOR works more directly with NCMEC NY Branch to put on the 4th annual Kicks 4 Kids kickball tournament in Genesee Valley Park; benefiting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Fall season registrations back up over 200 teams again for 2017 - a great fall season is expected with an increased referee staff.


260 Teams

322 Teams

210 Teams

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After over fours years in development to work with it's existing registration infrastructure, KLOR rolls out the new scheduler system for the summer. The 10th Anniversary of KLOR begins that fall. The Kickball League of Rochester was again voted by City Newspaper readers as the 2016 Best Local Recreational Sports League. KLOR donates referee personnel and provides equipment for the Kicks 4 Kids kickball tournament in Genesee Valley Parks; benefiting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, put on by its Rochester regional office. KLOR has an unprecedented 2016 calendar year with only one postponement during the spring, summer, and fall seasons combined; the very first day of the spring season. This was compounded by the change the Parks Department made to eliminate April as a playing month due to this historically wet springs. KLOR rolls out their updated, responsive, and mobile ready website to build upon the work that was done with the scheduler system that December.


246 Teams

340 Teams

198 Teams

18 Teams

KLOR unveils it's newest version of kickball. The new "KLOR Classic" version of kickball gets back to it's roots, where teams accrue "Fun Points" which determine standings and champions. The Classic version is and instant hit and is increasingly popular among players who have been around since KLOR's early days and many new comers to the league. The usual version which still includes the usual playoffs is identified as "Vintage KLOR". Many players have been found to play on teams within each version on different nights in the week. The Kickball League of Rochester was voted by City Newspaper readers as the 2015 Best Local Recreational Sports League. The last Ten Ugly Men kickball tournament takes places as the annual festival comes to an end. KLOR assists with equipment for the Kicks 4 Kids kickball tournament in Genesee Valley Parks; benefiting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, put on by its Rochester regional office. KLOR amasses over $72,000 in charitable donations since 2010 through the over 18 seasonal and non-seasonal designated charities in and around the greater Rochester area; with the vast majority benefiting children. In the fall of 2015, KLOR reaches new milestone of totaling over 5,000 registered teams since the fall of 2007.


190 Teams

370 Teams

214 Teams

26 Teams

KLOR gives design control over to the players and initiates the seasonal T-shirt design contest; where players submit designs and ideas for the back of the kickball t-shirt. The winning design is voted on by the players by a majority vote. KLOR holds it's first Super Kickball game, a standard game with infinite players on just two teams; the game lasted over four hours. The Kickball League of Rochester was voted by City Newspaper readers as the 2014 Best Local Recreational Sports League. KLOR begins major plans to shake up its kickball offerings over the winter.


220 Teams

360 Teams

238 Teams

24 Teams

KLOR works with the Badge of Honor Association for their "Kicks & Chicks" kickball tournament and chicken BBQ; benefiting BOHA and the Special Olympics. The idea of Super Kickball begins development that summer.


212 Teams

370 Teams

242 Teams

24 Teams

2012 began with a bang. Online registration opened and closed immediately; selling out completely in less than 48 hours. After acquiring a waiting list more than 30 teams deep, KLOR took the mild winter into account and secured additional fields at Ellison Park to accommodate the overflowing interest of the city. This was the first time Ellison had been utilized by KLOR for a spring season as the winter thaw normally inundates the area with wet conditions. With the intensity surrounding spring registration, locked out captains would be determined to play in summer! As the clock struck 6pm on April 15th, registering hopefuls bombarded and completely crashed KLOR's website hoping to secure their team registration. With the website down for almost 90 minutes, KLOR regrouped and planned to re-open registration at 8pm the same evening. With the same number of website visitors pounding away at the registration page, the site again went up and down for another 8 minutes. As the website steadied itself, KLOR had eventually amassed over 250 teams within the first hour of registration. Eventually grossing over 400 online team registrations, the summer season kicked off with an actual count of 394 teams. KLOR takes over management and logistics for the kickball tournament during the annual Ten Ugly Men Festival. KLOR manages the ACS charitable kickball tournament with the American Cancer Society Chapter of Rochester. KLOR holds first of a few annual "Springle Mingle" kick off parties.


178 Teams

394 Teams

282 Teams

30 Teams

The outlook for the spring of "Oh Eleven" seemed bright when KLOR reached a new spring record of 184 teams. However, Mother Nature seemed to have her own plan in store for Rochester. The month of April brought in a record setting 5.81 inches of rain, breaking the previous record that stood since 1929. Undoubtedly, miniature lakes sometimes waist high covered many of the usual playing fields. Through intense rescheduling and great patience from the league's players, most teams were able to complete at least half, if not most, of the regular season games. A rough start indeed, as it was the first time in KLOR's 14 season history that all regular season postponed games could not be made up. Dazed and bewildered from the tough spring season, the players pressed on, growing to an astonishing 324 teams for the summer. Amassing more than 7,500 players, divisions aside, KLOR reach a new milestone and become the largest single city kickball league in the nation. KLOR begins offering both tie-dyed and multi-colored camouflage t-shirts that summer and begins playing with balls with the KLOR logo throughout the year.

The fall of 2011 marked the 5 year anniversary of KLOR. The "5 Years Many Beers" outdoor live music event was held in parking lot of Brickwood Grill; complete with dunk tank. With a season of 272 teams playing Monday through Friday, the league had grown exponentially since the original 4 teams in the fall of 2007. 2011 ended up being challenging just like its start. After a rather wet fall playoff week, KLOR was determined to finish out the year strong by managing to fit in 47 games across 7 fields during championship Saturday. Shortly thereafter, the 3rd installment of outdoor winter kickball kicked off again, increasing from 22 to it's maximum of 30 teams. 2011 marked the first year KLOR reached its annual milestone of 800 plus participating teams. and additionally marked the 1st year KLOR began it's seasonal donation of $10 per team to seasonal charities in the greater Rochester area.


184 Teams

324 Teams

272 Teams

30 Teams

The Traditional Challenge officially returns for the spring. KLOR secures Labatt as the prominent league beverage sponsor going forward. With a major revision of the rules that winter and kicking off 2010 with the installment of the number one rule, "Let's Have Fun", new players began learning the ideals of why the league was created and what KLOR is was truly all about. After almost tripling the number of teams from the previous spring to 116, KLOR then more than doubled to an amazing 236 teams for summer which carried over to 228 teams for fall. Growing to over 5,000 unique players, KLOR became not only the largest recreational organization or club in Rochester but the largest single division kickball league for any city in the nation. Outdoor winter kickball returned again for it's a snow covered season from 2010 to 2011 and more than doubling from 10 to 22 teams on Saturday afternoons. KLOR begins it's annual charitable non-perishable food donation in the fall of 2010; amassing 388lbs.


116 Teams

236 Teams

228 Teams

22 Teams

Experiencing significant growth in 2009, KLOR grew to 44 teams in the spring, followed by 88 in the summer, then 134 teams in the fall. Other notable events included "Kickfest" which was held in the Main Street Armory and assisting with the firemens tournament; benefiting the Rochester Firefighters Benevolent Association.  That winter, KLOR began Rochester's first organized outdoor winter kickball league over the 2009-2010 break with 10 teams in the snow. Teams donned embroidered and uniquely colored knit hats instead of t-shirts; which proved to be stylish as well. A few regular season summer games are held in the Rhinos Stadium along with the Tuesday & Thursday Championship games; a venue that was ultimately determined to be un-conducive for the growth and feel of the league. KLOR eventually expanded to include Ellison Park as a playing venue during certain seasons. KLOR rolls out a new version of the website which allowed for online registration and coordination of the t-shirt style selection process. Due to a referee shortage, KLOR outsources referees; due to insurance complications, the Traditional Challenge took a hiatus for the fall season.


44 Teams

88 Teams

131 Teams

10 Teams

With the first season under its belt and interest quickly spreading, the Kickball League of Rochester learned early on what the players desired and doubled to 8 teams in the spring of 2008. In the spring of 2008, the patented “Challenge” rule was implemented which ultimately brought a whole new interest to the game. Capping off the 2008 year by increasing to 17 teams in the summer and then 28 in the fall, KLOR had quickly became one of the hottest things to do, and the easiest way to relieve stress after work in "The Roc"! KLOR rolls out it's first website earlier that year through the help of a long time player.


8 Teams

17 Teams

28 Teams

Pick-Up Games

First formed in the fall of 2007 by Ryan “Kickball” Kimball, the Kickball League of Rochester began playing at Genesee Valley Park with just 4 teams and about 45 players. Having organized the teams by tirelessly handing out slips of paper to patrons outside J.D. Oxford’s Pub on Monroe Avenue, Ryan’s vision of a very social, fun league involving everyone’s favorite 4th grade game was about to take Rochester by storm. With some intriguing, and soon to be very interesting team names on the roster, teams quickly relearned how much fun it was to play kickball. The unique shield logo featuring the kickballin' kokopelli was developed after the first season ended, in November of 2007.

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