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Q: What's The Registration Queue

If you haven't experienced it in the past, demand was so intense for registering teams that captains would literally cause our website to crash each season. It took us a few tries to fine tune it but we finally figured it out in the Fall of 2014. So now, when registration opens, the first 10 individuals to click on the registration link will obtain access to the online registration form. All others after the first 15 (#16 and higher) will be entered into the "Registration Queue" so registrations come in a nice orderly fashion. It's essentially a single file online line that gives 10 registrants at a time access to complete the form. This prevents the hundreds of registrants hitting the registration database as the same time. Within the "Registration Queue", you will see your number in line, that number displays how many registrants are currently in front of you before you are entered into the 10 person buffer area. As registrants leave the buffer area, your number in the "Registration Queue" will decrease. While in the queue, do not refresh your page, do not close your browser, do not walk away. The registration page will automatically load for you as you get entered into the buffer zone.

Once you're in the buffer zone and can see the registration page (this applies to everyone, including the first 10), you have about 7 minutes to complete and submit your registration. If you take longer than the allocated time or your registration "times out", you lose your spot and go to the end of the line. It should be a 2 to 3 minute process at most, so your time is more than sufficient and we don't want you holding everyone else up.

Once you submit your registration & deposit payment information, if you are missing or data is improperly formatted, you will be directed back to the form to fix your errors and are given a fresh set of minutes so you can correct and hopefully complete your registration. Nobody's perfect, but it helps if you're prepared. We recommend having a few back-up t-shirt options in mind, and know the correct billing address for the card you're using. Here is a link to a sample registration form, so you know what you're expecting when registration goes live.


Q: What's this whole charity thing I've been hearing about?

Well, the three main ideals behind the formation of this league are:

  • To have an excuse for adults to get outside with friends and play a game regardless of their age, athletic ability, social status, etc...
  • To help others in the greater Rochester area expand their social networks and make some new friends.
  • To give back to the Rochester community.

Since 2011, the Kickball League of Rochester began donating $10 for every team registration directly to a different charity each season. This donation is included in the registration costs; with no increase to league dues. All a team needs to do is register, play some kickball, and have a good time to help support the community. Special raffles during the seasonal pub crawls additionally help increase the seasonal donation amount as well.


Q: What nights do you offer and do we get to choose our night when registering?

The night you choose is the night you play. This is chosen when registering. Team spots for each night are first-come first-served. The registration form will tell you if a night is "Sold Out" when registering.

  • Spring, Summer, & Fall: We play Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu, and Fri evenings.
  • Winter (when offered): We play Saturday afternoons only - outdoors in the snow.

Q: I selected a shirt color/style for my team when I registered... did I get that one???

You sure did!!! The online registration form actively pulls and displays only the shirt colors/styles that are still available at your time of registration. Your confirmed shirt color name can also be seen within the Team Portal section for your team after registration. KLOR will contact you (the captain) directly in the event a T-shirt color or style is unavailable at the time of printing and/or offer the closest substitute color/style based on inventory availability. Each season before registration opens, KLOR contacts our t-shirt vendor(s) for all colors/styles we hope to make available to teams. Colors/styles that are low in stock are removed from available options, however current market demand and other unforeseen external constraints may cause unexpected inventory levels to drop without notice. In this scenario, we do our best to accommodate team captains the best that we can.


Q: Where's all the forms?

Forms? Nope, we're as green as the grass we hope to play on. No more wasting of paper for waivers or team apparel orders. Everything is done electronically. When the team captain registers they will get a few e-mails with pertinent information and links to the team's online Team Portal and Apparel Order Form. In the Team Portal, players on the team (including the captain) need to sign the team's liability waiver to be on the official roster for the season. Players can also incrementally contribute payments towards any remaining league dues to help chip away at any balance. The Apparel Order Form is submitted by the captain only after they have gathered all the sizes and quantities they'll need for the team.


Q: What's up with this Online Waiver?

In lieu of a paper liability waiver, the team captain receives a e-mail with a unique link to access their Team Portal. This e-mail message/link can be forwarded, (or facebook messaged, texted, etc..) to all members of their team. All players and any potential subs need to complete this form before they play their first game of the season. If a player is on multiple teams throughout the week, they need to complete this for each team they participate on; to both be listed on their roster and to receive pertinent information relating to field/game changes, postponements, etc.


Q: Where are these emails/links... I can't find them!?!?

These arrive in the Captain's e-mail inbox right after they register online. If they cannot be found, it's for one of two reasons.

  • It's in the Junk/Spam folder in your e-mail. If so, whitelist any e-mails from so you receive future messages.
  • You probably typed your e-mail address incorrectly when you registered. Give us a shout via e-mail and we can fix your e-mail address on file and re-send those emails to you ASAP!!!

Q: How can we get these remaining league fees to you?

Electronic payments are preferred through the team portal. the captain will receive an e-mail with a link to an online payment portal displaying the team's remaining balance and a spot to make payments. This link can be distributed to the team for them to individually make payments and chip away at the balance. The captain gets copied into all online payment transactions so they can keep track of who has paid and who hasn't. Additionally, Ryan can take cash, check, and card payments at the captains meeting. We'll also accept snail mail as well. Contact us via e-mail or from the Contact Us page form for our mailing address. Checks and Money Orders can be made out to "KLOR" or "Kickball League of Rochester".


Q: Do we need to have a sponsor?

 No, However we encourage teams to have a meeting place after (and/or sometimes before) the games to socialize and have an all around good time. Team Sponsors have been known to offer a variety of enticements such as drink specials for teams, complimentary food after the games, drink tabs, contributions towards league fees, etc... See the sponsors page for a listing of current and former social sponsors or feel free to visit one of the many establishments in person to make sponsorship arrangements. Sponsorship arrangements are determined between the captain/team and the establishment. KLOR does not place teams with sponsors. If you contact us, we can certainly point you in the right direction.


Q: Who can sponsor our kickball team?

See the list of current and past social sponsors of KLOR Kickball teams under the Sponsors section of this website; feel free to also locate a new sponsor on your own. Please notify us of your sponsor(s) as social sponsors can get their logo and information listed on the KLOR website.


Q: What if we're not sure who our sponsor is, or have yet to come up with a team name, can I still register?

Of course, you can e-mail us your sponsor details details later. Reserve your spot and shirt color sooner rather than later so you don't miss out on all the fun! If you're unsure of a team name just type in your your team name as with "TBD-(Night)-(Captain Initials)" when you register. Example: "TBD-MON-RK".


Q: What does a sponsor do for teams?

That's up to you and the sponsor(s). We accept up to two sponsors: (1) Social Sponsor & (1) Corporate Sponsor.

A social sponsor is typically a business/establishment where you go to before/after kickball games. Social sponsors have been known to contribute towards league fees, discounts, gift cards, food, beverage, in lieu of weekly patronage of their establishment with your team. Some sponsors will vary the sponsorship they offer for new teams, returning teams, and or teams that they know or are unsure of, ensuring a beneficial and future relationship. Some sponsors may offer some up front, and/or some at the end of the season. Some may also require that a certain number of players show up after games in order to get determined benefits. The agreement is made solely with the team (usually the captain) and the sponsor. You can let us know if you have one during the registration process and if they will be helping you monetarily, some sponsors give the captain monetary assistance directly, some will send it to KLOR, and a small handful KLOR invoicesdirectly All Social Sponsors are advertised on the KLOR website at no cost. See our annually updated Privacy Policy regarding social sponsors

A corporate sponsor can be anything from your employer or any other non-social sponsor. Again, these sponsors work with the team (usually the captain) agreeing on (usually a) monetary contribution. Employers may do this as "team building" outlet for their employees, and may require a certain number of team players also be their employees or part of their organization. Other businesses may sponsor a team for other various reasons. There is no external exposure for corporate sponsors at this time. If a corporate sponsor would like to work with us for exposure, please have them contact us.

Corporate and Social Sponsor exposure to other league players must be vetted through our Privacy Policy. Since 2014, KLOR ended bulk t-shirt logos for Social Sponsors in lieu of the seasonal t-shirt design contest, where players submit and vote on the design for that season.


Q: How many players are required for a team?

Technically the minimum is 8. The most you can have on the field at a time is 10. Realistically, not every player is reliable every single week, and nobody likes to forfeit. We recommend having at least 12 committed players before you register your team. Please be courteous, and know that when your team has to forfeit or unable to show to a game, there's a whole other team that doesn't get to play either. Many teams will still play for fun if you're down a player, but unless the team requirements are met by the game time grace period, the game will officially be listed as a forfeit. Also, remember that this is a co-ed league. In order to play with the maximum of 10 players at a time, a minimum of fielders need to be females.

So let’s break it down here:

  • A twelve player team = more playing time, but there could be a higher cost per person.


  • 15-20+ person team = a slightly less amount of playing time, but a lower per person cost
  • Increased potential for socialization and fun before/during/after games.

Ultimately, we recommend your own special blend of socializing, ball kicking, and good old fashioned fun.


Q: Is there a maximum number of players to a team?

Team size is actually unlimited, just note that the registration fees only cover up to 20 t-shirts. We've seen over 40 players on a team before (a team of doctors on rotation so their work schedules were crazy). In this case each player had their own t-shirt plus a few extras. However, with large teams with crazy schedules, the captain could collect, (hopefully) wash, and redistribute t-shirts to players at each game. The only caveat to that is that a current season t-shirt most be worn during the pub crawls to be eligible for the free raffles along the route. Any quantity of shirts over that 20 are $10 each. For any submitted or updated apparel order over 20 shirts, $10 per shirt will automatically be added to your remaining balance. If you expect more than twenty players, it may be best to determine total cost before determining the per player amount for your teammates.


Q: I have a different question; can you answer it for me?

We sure can, e-mail us at or see the Contact Us Page to access the message form, snag our phone numbers, and any other additional avenues for contact! E-mail is usually the the quickest method to get a detailed reply.

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