WINTER 2020:


• Starting on Sun, Dec 8th (2019) at 5:00pm till Wed, Dec 11th (2019) at 11:59pm (or until filled to capacity).

Captains Meeting Date & Location:

• 15 minutes prior to your first game on Jan 4th (2020) in the parking lot at Crittenden Rd Fields

Full Season Dates & Times:

• Sat Jan 4th 2019 through February 2019 on Saturday afternoons
• Time randomized at either 12:30pm, 1:30pm, or 2:30pm each week; 2:30pm only if necessary
• Playing on 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, & 2/8

Possible Additional Game Dates & Times:

• 2/15, 2/22, and/or 2/29; for any Make-Up and Championship games (Yep, It's a Leap Year!!!)
• Possibility of 2:30pm games (to be used for make-ups (double header) or playoffs).
• Playoffs are not guaranteed; dependent on make-ups/weather.

Cost for Season:

• $425 per team (6 regular season games - planned across 6 weeks - on Saturdays afternoons).


• Our goal is that a minimum of the top 8 teams will advance to playoffs.
• Teams not advancing to playoffs will be matched up for fun games if/when playoffs takes place.

Playing Location:

• Typically Crittenden Rd fields in Genesee Valley Park
• Others areas at GVP could be a possibility; but not likely

League Size:

• 12 teams (16 teams could be a max possibility; depending on demand).
• Email if registration is full and you're interested in forming a team.

Other Notes:

Note #1: The length of the season above is based on our historical weather observations over the last decade of winters playing kickball. It also falls within the restrictions of offering a winter season within the Monroe County Parks; as well as total cooperation by Mother Nature. Ability to play within the park falls under the discretion of the Parks Dept. Ground must typically be frozen and or snow covered to allow play. Massive ground icing, extreme cold, or extreme wind chill may also prohibit play. Plan for some patches of snow covered ice. We'll do out best to layout fields to minimize patched in critical running areas. Cleats are generally not advised when ice exists. Please refrain from metal spiked footwear.

Note #2: The winter season is based on our Vintage version of kickball. However, teams and players should embody the spirit of the Classic version of kickball when playing winter games.

Note #3: For Winter, instead of t-shirts you get winter hats. As all hats are One Size Fits All, we will immediately assume a minimum quantity of (20) for all teams. If additional are needed, please include it in your order, or email if your ordering form gets locked out. As the holiday season falls immediately before the season begins, your hat option selection cannot be changed after registration. This will help us ensure that they can be ordered ASAP and arrive on time for the start of the season.

Yes, Winterball is outdoors in the snow! No refs & more challenges. Both captains should report scores to after the games to alleviate discrepancies in scores/standings. We (KLOR) shovel out a pitching lane and an area for each base. Cones are placed in the snow to indicate fair & foul lines. "Gentlemen's Rules" apply in Winterball. Instead of T-shirts, teams wear matching color winter hats with the embroidered KLOR logo on the front.

This is our 10th official Winterball Season. Think about how much fun you have when you can run and kick the ball in the grass; now picture yourself in moon boots and a snowsuit, taking five steps for every one, and trying to pick up and throw the ball with gloves on, covered in snow... get the idea?!? If you can laugh at your friends now, just imagine how fun it will be when they are slipping all over the place; just to get up to kick. The best part is, you don’t even need to bring a cooler!!!

Team hat style with the embroidered KLOR logo are reserved with your registration on a first come, first served basis. Type/material of hat is dependent on color option chosen. Once a hat color has been chosen, it will automatically be removed from the available options on the registration form. The number of hats remaining on the form does not indicate how many team spots are remaining.

Please have at least 12 COMMITTED players before starting the registration process?(You should have 12 players before you sign up your team). Teams should staff at least 6 (six) females.

Your League Registration Includes:

• (20) Official KLOR Winter Hats with the embroidered kickball logo; additional hats are $10 each.
• Game Equipment setup for games (Bases, Ball(s), cones)
• Insurance
• Cost of fields
• Snow removal for the pitching path and bases

Since the lines are usually covered in snow, and it can be difficult to see the bases, there are NO referees for Winterball. Instead, teams will be allotted two (2) challenges per game. If both called challenges are won, a third challenge will be issued. For games lasting more than 7 innings, one additional challenge will be issued for both teams. No team may have more than four (4) challenges in any one game. Remaining challenges do not roll over into extra innings. No player may do more than one beverage challenge. All other “standard” KLOR rules apply.

Don’t get lost in the snow this winter; unless you can kick your way out!!!


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