Kickball Etiquette

We've become painfully aware that some new, reasonably seasoned, and even veteran players in the league are unaware of kickball etiquette.

Kickball is a recreational activity, jam-packed with inherent fun. To ensure we're all on the same page for a baseline of behavior, we're going to quickly cover some areas of concern; and we're going to be a little blunt here so strap in and stick with us for a hot minute.

Lewd comments, name calling, or negative language with thinly-veiled, blatant, or slanderous tone is uncalled for. Any player who directly, indirectly, or side comments before, during, or after kickball with relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, occupation, cultural background, athletic ability, etc - should really reconsider participating. This also includes potty-mouth and explicit language directed towards anyone. It's uncalled for, unacceptable, and unnecessary.

If you can't play nice with others, then you probably shouldn't participate at all.

Personal Space:
We have not yet updated our guidance on social distancing, high-fiving, or respecting the personal space of others with regards to COVID-19. Regardless of our current COVID related guidelines, all players should always respect the personal decisions of others who elect to not participate in voluntary activities; such as high-fiving, handshakes, beverage consumption, or other pre-game, in-game or post-game activities.

i.e. forming a circle around an opposing player or chasing them down for a high-five when it's visibly apparent that they are not interested in participating in post game celebrations; is highly inappropriate. Don’t be an instigator.

Do not scream at or towards opposing players when they are about to catch, kick, or field a ball with the hopes that they drop or miss it. This includes loud noises such as megaphone, bull horns, air horns, or other miscellaneous related sound effects. This goes for everyone on your team and on your sideline. It’s not nice, a jerk move, and all around rude.

Standard Behavior:
All participants should have good manners and high standards of behavior. They are expected to act as moral guides to the rest of the league and exhibit a good standard of courteous conduct by treating others in a respectful manner and not pushing them into doing things they choose not to do.

Kickball is a game, not a sport. We're all just trying to have a good time - but your good time shouldn't obstruct or hinder the good times trying to be had by others. This goes for spectators and non-participants as well. We should all be mindful of the behavior of everyone associated with your team. If you're having difficulty with keeping a teammate in check, let us know. We don't want rotten eggs spoiling our breakfast buffet.

Field Positioning:
Get the heck out of the way if the ball isn’t coming to you. Stand a foot away from the base so that you’re not directly on or covering a base. Someone is going to be running at you kinda quickly. We’re trying to avoid accidents, collisions, and any reason for general temper tantrums. Anticipate that runners may stop at or just might round the base, so provide them a pathway to either get there or pass through safely. We get that you want to make the play, but you only need a toe touching the base to do so. The same goes for baserunners. Runners should not be deliberately getting in the way of fielders from making subsequent plays. If you’re out, move to the side and get out of the way. Don’t interfere with the opponent's ability to continue playing.

Vehicles / Parking:
For starters, carpooling can alleviate a ton of parking congestion. If you are comfortable car-pooling with friends/family during these "COVID times", please try and do so. We haven’t been hyping up carpooling for the last year for these obvious reasons, but if it makes sense for you, it’s appreciated.

Secondly, when you park, and if there’s no painted lines (ex: Crittenden) don’t leave major gaps between you and the next car. The parking lot fills quickly, and if even a few of you park without consideration for additional cars, we’ll end up with traffic jams and lines of cars down the road. We’ve successfully been able to run nine fields in the two time slots at Crittenden before; with only minor congestion and someone waving cars along.

So, in the front part of Crittenden, please park perpendicular to the pathway vs parallel to the fields as it helps greatly with parking issues. That process can be maintained until you get closer to field #20, then parallel along the bottleneck, then perpendicular resumes after the lot opens back up.

Appropriate Crittenden Parking Pattern:

(Click Image to Enlarge)

No vehicles are to be driven out or parked in the lawn/fields; the casual grass creep is understandable in places like the front part of Crittenden and the GVP Main #04 side lot, but don’t be pulling a full car length out past the wooden pylons. Service roads are for walking on, bicycle access, and service and emergency vehicles only; definitely not for using a car to drop a cooler off at your field, and not for motorcycles or mopeds.

Speeding, peeling out, and general reckless vehicle operation on park property and near surrounding residences falls under UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR. This includes but is not limited to vehicles that disrespect park property or circumvent intended parking controls or block roadways; such as gates, barriers, curbs, ditches, walking paths, or inappropriate encroachments of vehicles across the grass in non-curbed or controlled roadways and parking areas.

No glass or draught containers. Don’t bring them. No glass bottles. Please don’t bring them. No Kegs. No Glass Bottles. Don’t bring them. Repetitive yet? It’s because we mean it. NO GLASS BOTTLES! They are Park Rules, and yes we will enforce it. Take your containers with you. The parks are carry-in / carry out. Bring a can bag, recycle them, donate them, just don’t leave them at the fields and do not leave them next to bathroom facilities or inside the port-o-potties.

Each player is ultimately responsible for their own actions at kickball and they may incur disciplinary actions as a result of inappropriate conduct. This includes but is not limited to suspensions or the expulsion of players; or entire teams from the remainder of a game, the season, or the league.

Please don't be the reason we have to put our detective hats on. It's typically really easy for us to figure out who you are. We're not in the business of being disciplinarians, but we've banned and suspended players and we've implemented year long team sanctions before. We’re all just here to have some fun so let's keep it positive.

Kickball is only as good and fun as the people who participate. We're here for kicks and giggles, not for bunts and the pulling of stunts. Please be nice.

Have a great dang day!


-Ryan & Matt

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