As noted in our COVID-19 Updates, we have separated out and have included our Social Distancing Guidelines here; for easy access.

Kickball League of Rochester - Social Distancing Plan:
Each player is to adhere to Gentleman’s Rules, as noted in the current set of rules, which places emphasis on “good manners and high standards of behavior”. Additionally, it outlines that KLOR players are to maintain “a good standard of courteous conduct by treating others in a respectful manner”.
The best method for KLOR to provide the safest possible atmosphere ultimately relies on the help of everyone, so a focus on personal accountability and hygiene is essential.
Per the NY Forward Guidelines for Recreation - Players should keep 6 foot distance between individuals, unless safety or the core activity (e.g. running bases, making plays) requires a shorter distance. If a shorter distance is required, individuals should wear face coverings, unless they are unable to tolerate such a covering for the physical activity (running, playing, etc); provided that other individuals who are not directly engaged in activity are also wearing face coverings.

All players should bring a face covering to each game.

Team & Player Individual Precautions 
  • If a player suspects any symptoms of COVID-19 in themselves, they are to stay home, get themselves tested, inform others as applicable, and seek and follow appropriate healthcare advice. Players should notify KLOR of any concerns so that players, referees, etc can be notified as applicable. 
  • Teams and players are encouraged to bring and supply their own disinfecting materials, such as hand sanitizer, wipes, or sprays - and utilize whenever necessary.
  • Players are permitted to wear Personal Protective Equipment; such as face coverings, goggles, gloves, etc; both on and off the field. All PPE is considered part of the player, per current rules, when used on the field. Players are not to share PPE.
  • Avoid any sort of spitting on or near the sidelines or on the field of play; this includes avoiding the use of sunflower seeds, and chewing tobacco. Sharing of inhalants, such as cigarettes or vape devices is discouraged between players and spectators.
  • It is recommended that players minimize touching of their face during games. A wrist or head sweatband may be a good idea to reduce touching of the face. 
  • Teams MUST pick-up and carry out any and all materials, including trash and pet refuse, used/left by their team after each game. This is already a KLOR and Park Rule; this is your reminder.
  • Players will assume full responsibility for themselves and those under their guardianship (children, pets, etc). Players are to remove themselves from spectating or participation as necessary if distancing cannot be maintained, or if they have difficulty maintaining their distance to others. Games can be ended if health safety and distancing measures are not being maintained (see Players: Unsportsmanlike Behavior & Safety: Disregard for Safety). Pets are to be leashed at all times; before, during, and after games. 
  • No communal sharing of beverages.
  • Nothing should be handed to the referee, and likewise the referee should not be handing anything to players other than putting game ball(s) into play. 
Team & Player Game Guidelines
  • Minimize player and cross-team contact by eliminating team/player high-fives or handshakes at the end of the game. This should be replaced with a team or player gesture that respects the tradition of the high-five, but also acceptable for distancing; such as a distanced team cheer or other courteous gesture.
  • Only captains or acting game captains may interact with the referee for questions or concerns related to pre-game, in-game, or post-game play; always separated by a minimum distance of 6 feet.
  • While base coaches must typically stand no closer than halfway between the sideline and the overthrow line (approx 7.5 feet); a more appropriate location for base coaches might be behind the overthrow cone (15 feet) and away from where the opposing team has situated themselves for the game; distancing as applicable en route to the intended base coaching area. Opting to not situate a base coach near the opponents sideline, when applicable, is encouraged.  
  • Keep under a 1:1 player/spectator ratio at your game for the team. Evaluate opportunities to keep children at home; when possible. Children are obviously welcome but players/spectators are to be smart and be responsible for their distancing needs.
  • At a minimum, team sideline boundaries, including children and spectators, should be maintained. No intermingling of teams.
  • The kicker, catcher, and referee - near home plate - should all respect appropriate distances during game play. 
  • Base players should distance themselves away from their base and base path when not making a play to allow base runners a clear path to navigate and distance as applicable. During lulls in game play with runners on base, the base players should maintain distancing. If a ball is clearly not coming to a base person, that base person should distance to allow safe passage of runner(s). This is an already sensible technique for avoiding injuries during game play.
  • Teams and players should depart the field very shortly after their game has ended, so that a smooth transition of the next team on the sideline can take place. Any close-proximity gatherings for after game activities both at the fields or in the parks is to be avoided; i.e. no cookouts, etc. 
  • If players desire to carpool, players/spectators should only carpool with those who they already cohabitate or maintain a close relationship with; to both help reduce parking congestion and increase distancing precautions.
  • We encourage the use of imagination when it comes to challenge activities. Use challenges that promote distancing, maintain the health safety of you and your opponent. Reduce, reinvent, or forgo the sharing or hand off of beverages, which includes but not limited to the traditional challenge, cup based games, and other similar challenges. Be smart and be responsible.
  • We understand that many players within a team may already be comfortable with socializing, are cohabitating, are part of a family, are partners, are "besties for life", or are those currently in the process of seeking a soul mate (see Rule #3). Being accountable for yourself, and those under your guardianship should be your main concern. Likewise, treat others with respect by distancing yourself and those under your guardianship from others. At a minimum, team sideline boundaries, including children and spectators, should be maintained - keep to your "team social bubble".
Other Logistical Guidelines
  • Game times are to be spaced out by an additional 15 minutes between games so that teams will have additional time to vacate fields and depart the park and reduce opportunities for interaction and increase social distancing opportunities.
  • Fields have been laid out so that the sidelines of two separate fields are not nearby. A minimum of 155 feet from “Field A” home plate to “Field B” home plate is coordinated, allowing outfielders from opposite fields to distance a minimum of 30 feet; while also facing opposite directions. Where possible, fields are to be separated by a much greater distance and generally set apart on their own. As the season progress and fields require shifting for safety or to reduce impact on the fields; field spacing will continue to be accommodated as much as possible. 
  • Players should not collect field equipment at the end of games. Only referees should be the individuals to collect and gather their field equipment after games; which includes bases, cones, ball(s) etc. to limit unnecessary handling and contact of equipment. Game ball(s) are permitted to be wiped down and/or sprayed before and in-between innings and before, in-between, and after games. New games balls are to be put in rotation approximately every week or sooner as necessary.
  • Referees should have multiple game balls in their possession for use as applicable for different games and additional are available upon their request as applicable.
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