Consecutive updates related to COVID-19 and kickball will be posted here:
(If this is the first time you're seeing this page, we recommend starting at the oldest update, at the bottom of the page, first)


A quick reminder to continue to follow current social distancing guidelines through Fall. This shouldn't just apply to while at kickball - but anything you do outside kickball as well.

In Summer, we did learn of a small handful of players and small groups of players (on the same team) who attended outside of kickball social events or interacted with others outside of kickball who were not practicing social distancing (i.e not at kickball) which affected their ability to field a team; due to quarantining requirements. We don't have the daylight luxury anymore of doing the extra work to offer rescheduled games for teams; and two weeks is a lot of lost game play in Fall. 

If we do learn of any suspected or confirmed COVID concern for players, we will always error on the side of caution - so applicable captains, teammates, opponents, and the referee will all be notified if there is a concern for/to others. Getting your team waiver completed is the main way that will allow us to accomplish this - available through your last regular season game.

Assume full responsibility for yourself and those under your guardianship. Remove yourself from spectating or participation as necessary if safe-distancing cannot be maintained or if you have difficulty maintaining your distance to others. We should all be aware what "close contact" means now; if not, click the link to "Google it" and do your best to avoid it. Using hand sanitizer on your sideline is a great way to be pro-active, but we also highly recommend washing your hands thoroughly after games; because it's just plain smart to do so.

To date, KLOR has not been contacted by any outside contact tracing program, nor have we been made aware of any team to team COVID spread at or during game play, so it sounds like you're all doing a great job with air-high fives, team chants, and staying out of each others way. Please continue to make room for runners in the bases if there is no play to be made. Wearing a mask at games is always a great idea as well.

Keep up the good work!



Based on current successes from the Summer season and our region's ability to keep COVID-19 spread low - thus far, we have made the decision to quickly move forward with registration for the Fall 2020 season.

Details for the Fall season have been updated and posted as usual. Like Summer, we have added an addendum to our policies for Fall. Which takes effect with any registered team for fall. 

We are initially limiting capacity for teams for the Fall 2020 season. Once desired and particular version and nightly combination preferences are "Sold Out" emails to will be accepted for placement on the Fall Waiting List; in the order that they are received. As we get closer to the end of Summer, and if the Fall outlook seems promising and all other logistics fall into place, it is possible we can take on and register additional teams in pairs.

Social Distancing Guidelines and other logistical aspects from Summer are highly likely to remain in effect for Fall - continue reading below if you are unfamiliar with everything that has transpired since mid-March.

More updates can and will be posted here for Summer and/or Fall as applicable. Concerns can be directed to



We received the official "OK TO PLAY" from the Parks Dept!!!

We are good to start playing the week of Mon, July 6th!!!

Notify your teammates!!! 

Schedule creation in progress!!! 

More info to come shortly!!!



Referencing our Summer 2020 Plan from the June 6th post, we'd like to update you with the following information (summary at bottom):

NY Forward has released and posted its guidelines for sports and recreation.

It appears that kickball, while not named specifically, falls somewhere between being considered a Lower-Risk and Moderate-Risk recreational activity. To error on the side of safety, we'll consider it a Moderate-Risk activity.

We are actively reviewing State guidance in conjunction with our previously determined Summer Plan guidelines and will make any necessary adjustments accordingly. Before play begins, we'll create a separate "Guidelines Page" for easy access and distribution to teammates; as well as a direct link to this within team portals.

The State's guidance is effective on July 6th in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 of the State's reopening. At the date of this update, our region is currently in Phase 3, and on our way to Phase 4. With this, it looks like Mon, July 6th now is our earliest allowed start date. That being said, we are officially now planning on starting on Mon, July 6th; with Summer Season being delayed 1 week.

Again, at this point, we only have the State's guidance. We'll refer back to our Summer 2020 plan posted on June 6th in the event any additional delays are presented.   

Per our posted June 6th plan, regarding delays and to alleviate concerns around any close gathering of captains, going forward, we are no longer planning on a "traditional" Captains Meeting. As proposed in that update, we are now planning on a t-shirt pickup/hand-off on the night of your first game and at your field's majority location.

For example (assuming all goes to plan and the season starts, as now planned, on Mon, July 6th):

If you play on Tuesdays and your first game is scheduled for a field at Crittenden, a central pickup location at Crittenden will be coordinated for T-shirt pick-up on that first Tuesday; just before your game time. Likewise for the second time slot for later games.

Likewise if you play on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays; we'll be available on those first playing days, at your park location.

You can now free-up Sun, June 28th for other activities. Enjoy your Sunday.

Logistics for this effort are forthcoming. We are revising our t-shirt sorting process and making preparatory schedule adjustments to make this happen. In order for this to be successful, we'll need a rock solid schedule; including final determination on teams, divisions, and field locations. In order to accomplish this we need to be certain your team is "good-to-go" when we get the all clear.

We've been relaxed on team payments throughout this week; as team payments were due on Fri, Jun 19th. If you still have a remaining balance please wrap those up accordingly; preferably - at the latest by Mon, Jun 29th. This will allow us to nail down a semi-final schedule and coordinate all appropriate remaining logistics for the aforementioned t-shirt handout plan. 

With relation to the delay of 1 week, and as previously mentioned in our June 6th update, summer team fees are now discounted back to the initial total base Spring team cost of $600. 

Teams who registered between Feb 3rd up to May 18th will no longer have the additional $50 "Summer Season difference" added to team balances. Those teams should expect no additional increase going forward. 

Likewise, any team that registered on May 19th or thereafter will receive $50 off their team balance. As noted, those teams will receive a $50 refund against the Captain's minimum $100 registration deposit. 

If there are complications with that refund transaction, we will reach out to those captains and make appropriate refund arrangements. We anticipate this refund to occur sometime this weekend. 

In other news, the bulk of Summer t-shirts are arriving now or are in-route, referee and equipment prep is underway, and field painting is starting shortly. Also, as we haven't noted it yet, there are no rule changes from 2019 to 2020. 

In order to pull this off safely, effectively, and successfully we're still going to need your help. As adults, playing kickball, we need you to be smart, be responsible for yourself and to be both courteous to and respectful of others.

Too Long of an Update? Here's a Summary:

  • We have the State's guidelines for recreation starting back up.
    • These guidelines take effect July 6th; we're reviewing accordingly.
    • Season start officially delayed 1 week by NYS; for a start no earlier than Mon, July 6th.
  • No Captain's meeting on Sun, Jun 28th - Go have fun instead.
    • T-shirts to be brought to your park location on your first game night; details TBA
  • A nightly T-shirt handout means we need to nail down logistics. Team payments are crucial to determine these - Please wrap up any remaining payments by Mon, Jun 29th; as they were due Fri, Jun 19th.
    • Due to 1 week delay all pre-5/19 registering teams = no more pending $50 added to team balances; you're all set.
    • Due to 1 week delay all post-5/19 teams = you'll get a $50 refund to captains; refund forthcoming.
  • Season Prep is underway, shirts arriving, refs being coordinated, field painting being planned. No Rule changes for 2020. 
  • You are crucial to the success of Summer kickball. Be responsible, be kind, and be safe.

Looking forward to playing shortly!



To clarify some recent confusion:

We deleted all t-shirt orders submitted prior to the AM of June 6th. Why?

1) As the majority of Summer teams were teams that transferred from Spring registration, your t-shirt order has likely changed.

2) Submitting your new order means you're "all good" with the Summer Plan outlined in the June 6th update (below) and you're confirming that you're good with proceed with your team into summer. 

Your team portal and t-shirt order links have not changed - they are the same links if you first registered back in February. If you need them again, email us and we'll send them over as soon as we see your message. The new t-shirt deadline is Mon, June 8th. 

All shirt orders were recently deleted. Submit/re-submit your (updated) t-shirt order if you're good with the Summer Plan (see below). Use the same link you received from Spring registration. If you need/lost your email links, we can re-send them


This is it. This is the big update you've been waiting for. Here we go!!!

Captains, please note all of the following information in this update prior to submitting or re-submitting your Summer 2020 T-Shirt Order:
  • All previously submitted Summer 2020 t-shirt orders were removed by 9:30am on Sat, Jun 6th.
  • Summer 2020 t-shirt orders can begin to be re-submitted starting at noon on Sat, June 6th. 
  • The Summer 2020 t-shirt order is now officially due by 8:00pm on Mon, Jun 8th. 
Summer 2020 COVID-19 Policy Addendum:
Taking effect immediately (06/06/2020), any submitted t-shirt orders for the Summer 2020 season assumes agreement with the following and superseding policy changes across all other policies. This is a cause and effect policy. If a Summer 2020 t-shirt order is submitted, the policy takes effect.
T-shirt reductions or changes cannot be made after your submission. Additions will be accepted up until 24 hours after the main team order is transferred to either the captain or any t-shirt order stand-in recipient.
No team will be eligible for a refund if the 2020 Summer Season cannot be completed or made-up due to COVID-19 related restrictions; such as government or region mandates, prohibitions, field access, or other added requirements. Standard refunds are still in effect for more commonly assumed concerns such as due to severe weather, unplayable fields, and the like; assuming play continues throughout the season. 
While teams are not eligible for a refund, a portion of the administrative costs to run weekly games would potentially be eligible for return if all or major parts of the season cannot be completed due to related COVID-19 restrictions. 
In the event the season was ended by outside mandates before t-shirt order transfer, any ordered t-shirts or additional t-shirts on order will be coordinated for pickup shortly thereafter; and when all outstanding team costs have been remitted. 
Any determined return of weekly administrative costs related to COVID-19 restrictions would be distributed to the captain only, as our communication contact for the team, to be reallocated by them as applicable to individual team players. Depending on the amount of the return and methods of team payment remittance, this would be returned in either a partial deposit transaction reversal or by check.
Summer 2020 COVID-19 Plan:
Our plan is to begin play the week of June 29th. In the event that this start date is delayed due to circumstances outside of our control, such as state, region, or county related COVID-19 concerns, the start day will be adjusted on a week to week basis for the following two weeks. 
T-shirt pickup traditionally happens at the Captain’s Meeting; normally the day prior to the start of the season. The captain’s meeting is still being planned for Sun, Jun 28th. What that meeting process, location, time(s), and logistics looks like at this point is still unclear; however we expect changes will be in order to help facilitate a socially distanced transfer of materials. This will be clarified as we approach that date.
In the event that the season is delayed by one week (the week of Jun 29th) due to COVID-19 restrictions, and appropriate advance notice is received, the captains meeting will still be attempted for Sun, Jun 28th. If advance notice is not received, due to the 4th of July holiday, the captains meeting will not be pushed to Sun, July 5th, and instead a plan will be developed to facilitate a t-shirt pickup/hand-off during the week of July 6th at your park location on the night of your first game. Please note that schedule adjustments such as field, game time, or opponent changes may be in order to accomplish this successfully. 
If the week of July 6th is delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions the captains meeting will be rescheduled for either Sun, July 12th or a facilitated t-shirt pickup/hand-off during that week at your park location on the night of your first game. Please note that schedule adjustments such as field, game time, or opponent changes may be in order to accomplish this successfully. 
Summer 2020 COVID-19 Team Fees Plan:
At this time, due to COVID-19 uncertainties, teams which registered before May 19th, will maintain the base spring team cost of $600 until summer season play begins. Assuming play begins as scheduled on Jun 29th, the remaining cost of $50 will be added to all pre-May 19th team balances at that time. Those teams will have a two week deadline to remit the additional team cost normally associated with Summer at that time; that will be due on Sun, July 12th. 
In the event the season start is delayed for one week due to COVID-19 restrictions, one week will be trimmed off of the intended length of the season and we will revert back to the $600 base spring team cost. The current team cost will remain in effect and post-May19th teams will receive a $50 refund against the captain’s minimum $100 registration deposit.
Any potential further refund or team fee reduction related to a further delay due to COVID-19 restrictions past one week is uncertain at this point, as possibilities for further season shortening or the rescheduling of any make-up games is unclear. 
Summer 2020 COVID-19 Team Guidelines:
Each player should adhere to Gentleman’s Rules, as noted in the current set of rules, which places emphasis on “good manners and high standards of behavior”. Additionally it outlines that KLOR players maintain “a good standard of courteous conduct by treating others in a respectful manner”.
The best method for KLOR to provide the safest possible atmosphere ultimately relies on each player, so a focus on personal accountability and hygiene is essential.
At the same time, a certain degree of closeness is required for the game of kickball to take place. closeness may occur when either when stopped at bases or when making a play. While we should all do our best at this time to distance ourselves during the game from teammates and players when not necessary; wearing a face mask as applicable.
The following initial guidelines should be followed for the summer 2020 season, and likely the remainder of the calendar year:
  • No communal sharing of beverages. 
  • Minimize player and cross-team contact by eliminating team/player high-fives at the end of the game. This should be replaced with a team or player gesture that respects the traditional high-five, but also acceptable for distancing. 
  • Only captains or acting game captains may approach the referee for questions or concerns related to pre-game, in-game, or post-game play; keeping appropriate distance.
  • While base coaches must typically stand no closer than halfway between the sideline and the overthrow line; a more appropriate location for base coaches might be behind the overthrow line and away from where the opposing team has hunkered down for the game.
  • Teams and players are encouraged to bring and supply their own disinfecting materials, such as hand sanitizer, wipes, or sprays.  
  • Players are permitted to wear personal protective equipment if desired; such as face masks, goggles, gloves, etc; all of which is considered part of the player, per current rules, if used on the field.
  • Teams MUST pick-up any and all materials including trash left by their team after each game. This is already a rule. Here is your reminder. 
  • Avoid any sort of spitting on or near the sidelines or on the field of play; including the use of sunflower seeds and chewing tobacco. 
  • We encourage the use of your imagination when it comes to challenge activities. Use challenges that promote distancing, maintain the health safety of you and your opponent, reduce, reinvent, or forgo the sharing or hand off of beverages, which includes but not limited to the traditional challenge, cup based games, and other similar challenges. Be smart and be responsible.
  • Keep under a 1:1 player/spectator ratio at your game. Evaluate opportunities to keep children at home; when possible. Children are obviously welcome but please be smart and be responsible for their distancing needs.
  • We understand that many players within a team may already be comfortable with socializing, are cohabitating, are part of a family, are partners, are "besties for life", or are those currently in the process of seeking a soul mate (see Rule #3). Being accountable for yourself, and those under your guardianship should be your main concern. Likewise, treat others with respect by distancing yourself and those under your guardianship from others. At a minimum, team sideline boundaries, including children and spectators, should be maintained.
  • The kicker, catcher, and referee should respect appropriate distances when applicable.
  • Plan to leave very shortly after your game has ended, so that a smooth transition for the next team can take place. Intermingling of teams is probably not the best plan right now. Any after game and close-proximity gatherings at the fields should be avoided.
  • Assume full responsibility for yourself and those under your guardianship. Remove yourself from spectating or participation as necessary if distancing cannot be maintained or if you have difficulty maintaining your distance to others. 
  • If you carpool, which is always desired, try to carpool only with those who you already cohabitate with or already maintain a close relationship with to both help reduce parking congestion and increase distancing precautions.
  • If you suspect symptoms of COVID-19 in yourself, please stay home, get yourself tested, inform others, and seek and follow appropriate healthcare advice. 
Other Summer 2020 COVID-19 changes:
Game start times will be adjusted for the summer season to 6:15pm and 7:30pm to allow for distancing and field changeover. Assume that an update back to traditional start times of 6:15pm & 7:15pm could be possible throughout the season. Teams would be notified accordingly if that update were to occur.  
No t-shirt design contest or voting will take place for Summer 2020 to reduce the turnaround time required to get the t-shirt printing process moving along.
No Social Sponsors will be bulk invoiced for sponsorship contributions for summer or fall. Any previously invoiced social sponsors have been removed and any pending contribution has been returned to respective team balances. It is our hope that teams who were previously to be sponsored will “adopt” and support or frequent these establishments on a weekly basis in whichever way possible to help them get back on their feet; as they have been pretty much closed since mid-March 2020. 
We are not currently advocating that teams should seek monetary contributions from Social Sponsors. Other sponsorship arrangements such as food and beverage specials may be more acceptable. Feel free to seek those out, on your own, for your team. 
Additionally, don’t forget to tip those individuals in the service industry who have been out of work during this time and have likely struggled to make ends meet. 
Any Social Sponsors initially listed with your teams has not been removed. If your social sponsor or adopted establishment has changed, please email us and we can make that manual update reflect accordingly in your team portal. 
Please note that there is currently no commitment to a Summer Pub Crawl, currently slated for Sat, Aug 22nd. We will continue to plan for this event on that date, but COVID-19 restrictions may alter our plans. 
Summer Playoffs are still scheduled for the morning and afternoon of Sat, Aug 22nd as usual. Additional guidelines for that day may be forthcoming. 

A t-shirt plan is being rolled out shortly. Take this time to internally re-prepare/re-visit your t-shirt order with teammates and we'll notify you shortly when we're ready to accept/re-accept orders.. T-shirt deadline is being extended to throughout the weekend. We'll mass e-mail all Summer Captains and update here with more info most likely on Thursday or Friday. 

Quick Status Update:
  • As of today, we're officially in Phase 2, "yay to us!" - Only two more phases to go until Recreation gets the go-ahead.
  • The Parks Dept extended "no field use" for two more weeks from May 31st to June 15th; so we're still looking good for a June 29th start.
  • We still haven't wiped out any previously submitted t-shirt orders yet. It's a manual process, and we're looking for a clearer go-ahead. The tentative T-shirt due date is still June 3rd, but again, that's tentative. We're waiting for some more substantial/positive news before we go crazy ordering a heck ton of t-shirts. Captains will be directly notified when it's clear to re/submit.
  • We still haven't added the additional $50 cost increase for teams transferring from Spring to Summer yet. There's obviously the possibility that we could get delayed a week, which would negate all the extra manual work for tacking that on, just to take it back off again. so, just be aware that for any team that registered before 5/19, there's still a pending $50 that may or many not be added. Details on that were previously explained below; see the 5/13 update below. 
  • Social Sponsors - we're preparing to reach out to our major social sponsors. They're still not open yet and at this point we are likely going to un-remove any previously removed and invoiced social sponsor contributions meant for Spring. See the 2nd to last paragraph of our 3/22 update for the logic behind this. The 31 teams that this affects will be notified accordingly. 
If you're looking for a more specific answer to a more specific question, feel free to email us at Apologies in advance for any delay in response. 

Quick Clarification: Teams that transferred from Spring to Summer - you'll be using the same portal link and t-shirt links. If you need them re-sent, email us and we can get that done - it'll have the updated Summer info in it as well. Our Upcoming Events/Calendar has all the current due/dates in it as well.
That's all for right now... more to come as we know more. 

Just a quick update: Existing "Spring" teams have now been updated to "Summer". "Summer" is now the default for new registering teams as of today. Going forward new teams will see the correct team cost reflected as well 
We are still in the process of updating team balances on the "Spring" teams who have been transferred to "Summer". Again, see updates below, we're in the process of adding the $50 cost difference from Spring to Summer.
We've set a t-shirt deadline for Jun 3rd @ 8pm - But we have not yet wiped out previous shirt orders. No rush to submit these at this time.
Another update will come shortly.

Apologies for the update delay.
NY PAUSE expires on Friday, May 15th, however, this is not a “free-for-all” on resuming activities. Monroe County falls within the Finger Lakes Region and our region has both met and must continually meet seven metrics in order to proceed with opening in four outlined phases. Phase I is set to start on Friday, 5/15 for our region. Kickball, a recreational activity, looks to fall under Phase 4. What the timetable is to get to and jump to the next phases is still uncertain at this point. Additionally, we’re still waiting for the go-ahead from the Parks Department to utilize fields; which we assume will coincide with the green-light of Phase 4. With that being said, we are making the following determinations so that we can begin planning to resume play appropriately. 
We are officially planning to resume KLOR kickball at the start of our traditional Summer Season. That start is slated for the week of June 29th; with a captain’s meeting slated for Sun, June 28th. 
All existing/pending teams that registered for “Spring 2020” / “Next Season 2020” are being automatically rolled into “Summer 2020”. From here on out we’re calling it “Summer Season 2020”. At this point there is nothing that existing teams need to do except verify with teammates that you’re all good to move forward.
With all this being said, and in order to avoid additional and unnecessary confusion, we're going to change all currently registered teams to "Summer 2020". We're going to completely wipe out and unlock any previously submitted t-shirt orders. We will clarify a new t-shirt due date shortly. [To clarify, you're keeping your style selection, we'll just reset the order quantities]. In the hopes of staying on track, we're going to follow our normally anticipated Summer schedule; which is 9 weeks for Classic teams and 8 weeks + 1 playoff week for Vintage teams. As there is a cost difference between the traditional Spring and Summer, the team cost will increase for all teams by $50. Spring is typically $600 and Summer $650; plus any specialty shirt style addition. This is directly related to operational costs, costs for referees, balls, field paint, etc. There's a bit of back end work on our part to manually change all of this so please be patient with us as we work on these changes. We'll directly notify captains once that all happens.
Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year. What this holiday looks like for us this year is probably vastly different. Pre-COVID we planned on taking that Friday off (July 3rd) to allow players to get in a long weekend. However, this also falls during week 1 of Summer Season. So, due to current circumstances, we are now planning on playing on July 3rd to alleviate likely unnecessary double headers.
What any Summer pub crawl looks like at this point, we are unsure of - but this would normally be scheduled for the last day of the Summer season anyways - so we'll still shoot for that in the hopes that we're clear enough for some kind of gathering on that day. 
We are going to allow common sense to guide us as we proceed into and through Summer. In order for kickball to take place, there's the reasonable expectation that 2 teams of about ~10 or more players per team and a referee are all likely to eventually touch, catch, throw, pitch, kick and or have general interaction with the same ball and bases on a per game basis. Any way that we can limit the amount of physical interaction is obviously preferred. You have a standing invitation to take your own personal precautionary measures during “kickball time”, with our “Gentleman’s Rules” being particularly important during this time.
Finally, we wouldn’t be where we are now without our essential workers in industry, food and service, transportation, and most importantly healthcare, fire, emergency personnel and police. Any direct impact you or someone you know has contributed to help get us here is truly appreciated. Any indirect contribution you were able to make (i.e. staying home) is also just as appreciated. 

Yes, we realize we're behind on posting an update; as per our 5/5 post.
Thank you for your patience with the further delay. We're planning a social distance kickball logistics session on 5/9 to talk/walk/plan through some uncertainties related to our next update. 

Expect another update shortly - and dates to be pushed a tad further... as Spring/"Next Season" looks like it will be evolving into just plain ol' "Summer". We'll update here within the next 48 hours.

Other than that, stay strong and keep flattening Rochester's curve - May the Fourth be with you, Happy Cinco de Mayo, Revenge of the Fifth, Attack of the Cuervo, & Taco Tuesday. Cheers!!! 


So, it's been a tad since we've updated you. Since our April 6th update, NY PAUSE has been extended a second time to May 15th and all individuals in New York are currently required to wear masks or face coverings while out in public. While it looks like May 15th is the end-date for some restrictions, we have no clear indication that this is a reliable benchmark and wouldn't get extended further. After thorough discussion on the many health/safety risks and all other factors involved with putting a season together, we have decided to push the t-shirt deadline out a minimum of an additional two weeks; to May 6th. For now, this would mean a Captain's Meeting date of May 31st and a season start of June 1st. 
Besides these date changes, everything in our previous update still applies. Here are those new dates: 
  • T-shirt Orders Due: Changed from 4/1 to 4/8 to 4/22 to 5/6
  • Team Payments Due: Changed from 4/17 to 4/24 to 5/8 to 5/22
  • Captains Meeting: Changed from 4/26 to 5/3 to 5/17 to 5/31
  • Season Play Start: Changed from 4/27 to 5/4 to 5/18 to 6/1
Note: Do not worry about submitting your t-shirt orders at this time. It is highly likely that we will clear out all existing and submitted t-shirt orders and require a new submission due to the many possible player changes impacting the makeup of teams.
Finally, and please, stay home! Follow recommended guidelines and distance now, so we can all be together faster.  Look for continued updates here on our homepage alert bar and keep online/remote communication channels open with your teammates. 
Stay safe, stay well, and we will hopefully see you soon! Cheers!!!.


On April 2nd we received word from the Monroe County Parks Department that field reservations have been cancelled an additional 2 weeks; through Fri, May 15th. Therefore, at a minimum, our next season will start no earlier than Mon, May 18th. Obviously this date is still subject to be extended either by the MC Parks Dept or by other County, State, or Federal entities as it applies to group gatherings, business closures, etc.
As this extension will inevitably encroach on the typical season name and duration for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, we are officially evolving all currently registered Spring 2020 teams to a season temporarily named "Next Season 2020". While, the season start date and duration/end date are still in the air, our goal is to ensure a quick turnaround time for everyone to kick that cabin fever.

It's likely that, as a community, we'll be evolving from quarantine-mode to cautious-social-interaction-mode. Kickball has open-air, limited group sizes, and minimal physical interaction. Therefore, rolling Spring teams into "Next Season" will ensure  we won't need to restart the lengthy registration process from scratch, causing unnecessary delays before we can begin play. This will also allow us to hopefully turnaround the t-shirt process and other logistics rather quickly. This also allows teams to keep their weeknight, version, and t-shirt color secured for the next available season.
That being said, the Spring 2020 season length was initially planned for 8 calendar weeks. "Our Next Season 2020" is likely to be similar. The cost of each season is directly tied to the season length, as this is due to fixed costs such as referees, insurance, etc. We want to be transparent that a modification in the in the total team cost may be necessary; decreasing or increasing as applicable. Our goal is to maximize as many playing weeks as possible, to maybe instead get in 3 reduced seasons or maybe two larger seasons; before daylight runs out for the year. For now, the Spring 2020 team cost will be the current and temporary team cost for "Next Season 2020".
At this point all "Spring 2020"/"Next Season 2020" dates will be updated to account for the 2 week extension of field cancellations; at least until we have additional information to report. Those current dates are as follows:  
  • T-shirt Orders Due: Changed from 4/1 to 4/8 to 4/22
  • Team Payments Due: Changed from 4/17 to 4/24 to 5/8
  • Captains Meeting: Changed from 4/26 to 5/3 to 5/17
  • Season Play Start: Changed from 4/27 to 5/4 to 5/18
Again, these dates are subject to extend; as noted earlier in this update.
We are continuing to evaluate plans for "Next Season 2020" play. Regardless of what happens next, and before we reach a financial-point-of-no-return (ex: 4/22), we will reach out to all team captains on the status of the season and what those options are. We advise you to be in contact with your teammates to discuss what the current situation looks like for your specific team. At this point, we are still observing all of the standard policies that were in place when you registered for Spring 2020.
Finally, and please, stay home! Follow recommended guidelines and distance now, so we can all be together faster.  Look for continued updates here on our homepage alert bar and keep online/remote communication channels open with your teammates.
Stay safe, stay well, and we will hopefully see you soon! Cheers!!!


Update time. It's April 1st, but please note, this is NOT an April Fool's joke.

Since our previous update (scroll down for previous), New York State has extended PAUSE until at least April 15th and nationally, social distancing guidelines have been extended until April 30th.

What does this mean? We still don't really know. Both of these are still inside our current extended start date of May 4th. What we do know is that we'll have to make a major decision by April 8th; our extended t-shirt deadline.

Realistically, we can't in good conscious move forward with ordering thousands of t-shirts for a "Spring Season" with an uncertain timeline. While, this is not an official determination yet, we'd like to expand a little on some of our alternate considerations to help us evolve with any further disruption as it relates to a start for the "green seasons" of kickball in 2020.
  • We're in a unique position this year, field wise, to take advantage of extending/combining seasons. While we're still limited by daylight towards the end of October, we have the opportunity to reduce and/or combine seasons. This means, we may alternatively evolve into offering  "Sprummer" or "Sufall" seasons.  We would of course be contacting all team captains with any updates to season dates and lengths once any decision as been determined.
  • With where we are now, realistically it will only take us 2 to 3 weeks from "green light" to Captains Meeting to get the season started; assuming all other logistics fall into place. We're currently well over 200 teams still registered for Spring, with most of these teams typically being "three-season" teams/captains. 
  • We are looking at transitioning "Spring 2020" deposits into a "Next Season 2020" registration; meaning those currently registered would stay locked into whatever our next season looks like. This not only speeds up our turnaround time for starting the next season, but ensures a quick transition to eliminating your cabin fever when relaxed guidelines permit. Much of what we do on the KLOR administrative side, up until we receive printed t-shirts, is done online. So as the curve goes flat, in theory, we could be ramping up the next season.
  • One of our biggest unknowns outside of what's happening in NYS and Monroe County is the turnaround for printed team t-shirts. T-shirts jump from Manufacturer to Wholesale Distributor to Printer to KLOR. Any delays in that workflow due to COVID-19 could impact us. We're currently in contact with our t-shirt printer and right now things are looking decent on their end.
So, that's where we stand. We're optimistic about the future, but also ready to evolve as this dissipates.

What can you do?  Please, stay home, follow all recommended guidelines and distance now, so we can all be together faster.  Additionally, look for continued updates here on our page and keep online/remote communication channels open with your teammates. 

Stay safe, stay well, and we will see you soon! Cheers!!!

It's been a little more than a week and things have certainly escalated across the country, in New York, and right here in Rochester. So here's where we stand right now as it relates to kickball.
For starters, we received word from the Monroe County Parks Department that all lodge and shelter rentals were cancelled up until May 1st. The following day we were notified that they extended this to all field reservations as well. What this currently means is that the spring season will, at a minimum, have a delayed start of 1 week. 
Therefore, all associated dates for registration, t-shirt orders, t-shirt designs, team fees, waiver dates, and the captain's meetings are all extended 1 week. As noted in the registration notes; we had the rare circumstance where we were allotted an additional week for spring this year and all weeknights had a flex night. That flex night now goes away and we're back to our usual spring timeline; where Monday again has a double header due to Memorial Day, and no more flex night for Tue-Fri. 
We will be updating [have updated] all of our dates shortly to account for the above changes. Until then, Those timeline/date changes - as of 3/22/2020 - are as follows:
  • T-shirt Orders Due: From Apr 1st to Apr 8th
  • Team Payments Due: From Apr 17th to Apr 24th
  • Captains Meeting: From Apr 26th to May 3rd
  • Spring Season Start: from Apr 27th to May 4th
  • Summer Registration Open: from May 3rd to TBD
Besides the above minimum changes, we are highly aware of current Social Sponsor closures and what that might mean for obtaining sponsorship, current team agreements, and moving forward. While there is a lot of uncertainty at this point, we're observing this just as you are. We have been discussing at length our options regarding the spring season. We know you all want to get out and be social as soon as you can; and kickball will be an amazing avenue for kicking the cabin fever that many of us will inevitably have. 
We also want to be very conscious of the current hardships that our Social Sponsors are facing; many of whom have made our kickball nights enjoyable season after season and year after year. As a league of teams and players who give back to the community season after season, regardless of what the spring season may end up like, we ask you to be mindful of what these small businesses and their out of work employees are currently facing. As a team, it may make more sense to consider continuing without a Social Sponsor contribution for the season with team plans to pay-it-forward as they re-open. 
We are continuing to evaluate plans for the spring season. Regardless of what happens next, before we reach a financial-point-of-no-return, we will reach out to all team captains on the status of the season and what the options are. We advise you to be in contact with your teammates to discuss what the current situation looks like for your specific team. At this point, and with the exception of the above date changes, we are still observing all our standard policies and registration notes for spring 2020 at this time.
Until then, stay safe friends. Cheers!!! 

We'd like to briefly address concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as it relates to the upcoming 2020 Spring Season. 
While many events, activities, and schools in the area may be suspended, postponed, or closed for an undetermined and hopefully relatively short time period; at this time KLOR has no intention to alter the upcoming season schedule as planned. We are currently six weeks out from the start of the 2020 Spring Season. In many instances this is beyond the recommended current timeline for "social distancing" in our area. 
 In preparation for the season, we’re encouraging all to adhere to guidelines from the CDC regarding hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette, and keeping the lines of communication open. 
We will continue to monitor situations at both the local and regional level and communicate with applicable parties as it relates to the upcoming season. Like us, please stay up to date with all local, state and federal advisories. Follow CDC and health professional guidelines of maintaining good hygiene, including frequent washing of your hands, and avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes. Talk to (call first) your doctor before coming to kickball related group events if you're feeling ill or have any concerns about joining us. If you're sick or more susceptible to complications, please stay home, rest and recover. 
We will continue to keep open communication with you as situations evolve as we expect to "roll out" some additional guidelines and common sense best practices as the season begins. Until then, stay safe friends.

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