So you're looking to play Fall (or another season), but the night & version you wanted is listed as "Sold Out".

Fall is a tricky little friend of ours. Why is that?:
  • We lose daylight - We go from having two time slots in the Spring & Summer, down to one time slot in the fall - we lose daylight so much, that we actually have to roll back the game times from 6:15, to 6:00, to 5:45pm as the season goes on. So take the 300 to 350 to 400 teams we usually have room for in Spring & Summer and chop that in half.

  • We also stretch our referees super thin - With the loss of daylight and in order to accommodate demand, we have to spread across more fields than we used in Spring/Summer. More fields means more referees. Additionally, with the degrading time slots, referees who get out of their day jobs at 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm can't always make it in time to the fields with the reduced daylight start times. We can't put teams on a field with no referee - cause they're the ones who bring your equipment. We've been recruiting and training new referees since early Spring to bring on additional referees in preparation for fall - we struggle with this every year. 

  • There's other reservations in the Parks - Other groups and events in the parks take place outside of our control; which we have to work around - Even if that event only uses 1 or 2 field areas, if we don't have a guaranteed field to put teams on each week, we can't exactly guarantee you that you'll get to play each week.
So what do you do?
  • If a backup night and/or version that your team can participate on is available - Register for it ASAP then email us immediately at Info@RocKickball.net asking to be added to the waiting list. Include your current situation and your night & version preference(s). It's super easy for us to move you from one night or version to another - the only thing that might change is your t-shirt color. You' won't need a new team portal link or need to re-submit your t-shirt order; we just update the attributes of your currently registered team.

  • If a backup night and/or version is not available (i.e. you can only play on Tuesdays) - email us immediately at Info@RocKickball.net asking to be added to the waiting list. Include your night & version preference(s). 
How do we handle this?
  • We'll generally process same-night version changes first, ex: changing from Classic to Vintage or Vintage to Classic - These are relatively quick changes, but they have to be done in pairs or as a direct swap with another team. Why pairs? - because we can't have an odd number of teams, each team needs an opponent each week - you can't exactly have a kickball game with 1 team.

  • After that we continually evaluate if or how we can expand to take on more teams to get you off the waiting list and registered for the season. such as, adding or securing more fields, ensuring we have enough referees, taking into account daylight, worrying about other events/conflicts in the parks, making sure we have adequate space & personnel if we have to make up a week (or two) due to either a holiday or postponement, etc... There's a lot that goes into this and we definitely can't over extend anything; especially in both Spring & Fall.

  • If and when a currently registered team backs out, we'll immediately pull from the next team on the waiting list; in the order that requests were received based on noted night & version preferences. Team back outs generally happen up until the t-shirt order deadline; however we've seen them happen all the way up until the Captain's meeting (those teams end up on our super naughty list - please don't do this). It's rare that it happens this late - but there's still a sliver of hope.

  • In all instances - you should internally continue to plan your team as if you're on the waiting list. If we get you in, we'll immediately need your t-shirt order; especially if the t-shirt deadline has passed. in most instances, especially for late additions, t-shirts may have already been ordered by the team that backed out - and you may not get a choice on shirt color, but we'll need you order to know what sizes we may not have in stock to get on order ASAP - In rare late addition instances, we will work with you to get the team balance wrapped up; as you didn't have the luxury of the other teams of having 3+ weeks to get organized.

  • Any other questions can be directed via e-mail to Info@Rockickball.net. Please do not facebook message us (on either the KLOR fb page or our personal fb pages), our e-mail inbox is our to-do list. If it's not in our email, you should assume we probably don't know about it. If you think we're taking too long to respond via e-mail, e-mail us again. We get a lot of inquiries and some times more urgent requests could take priority; especially during seasonal transition periods (spring to summer / summer to fall).
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