First off - What is Classic Kickball?

The Classic version of KLOR kickball is the reimagination of the early years of kickball in Rochester. It's about kicking back, relaxin', and having some fun. The game scores don't mean much, making friends is bound to happen, and winning or losing the game is meant to be an after thought. The game is not for nothing though - it's a competition of who has the most fun, who is the most fun, and maxing out the fun you can have.

So now we come to Classic Points (CP). Each game, teams rate their opponents based on all the fun they had. Game after game these points accumulate and determine the standings for the season. So how do you rate "fun"? You guessed it, we don't know either; but we've come up with a simply complex way of doing that. It took us three years to figure it out - and it'll likely be a fluid process year after year, but we've gone from captain only survey submissions via Google Forms with a tedious and manual  administrative calculation for each game into a fully implemented team aggregate calculation built directly into the Team Portal on the website.

So, how do you accrue Classic Points:

Step 1:
You gotta fill out the survey. So, within 48 hours after each game, jump into your Team Portal. The Team Portal is that link you used to sign the waiver and make team payments and locate your team schedule at the bottom. Next to that game you just finished, there's a button that says Submit Game Survey; Click that button. It'll look similar to this:

Step 2:
Select the game you want to provide feedback for ) and put in your waiver email address to authenticate that you're actually on the team. Then, answer the three basic questions (honestly please) to rate your opponent. The questions are based on planning, execution, & Classic spirit.

Step 3:
Submit and repeat as necessary to rate a team from any 2nd (doubleheader) game, or if you want to revise your submission before the survey window closes.

Submission Notes:
  • You only have 48 hours after each game to complete the survey; then the button disappears. 
  • If you complete the survey for the the same game more than once - you will overwrite your last submission.
  • Your submitted survey combined with any other submitted surveys from your teammates will average and get awarded to the opponent.
  • You can do this as a team. It's not just the captain only anymore. Do it at the field or at your sponsor together. Don't leave it up to one person (cause they're bound to forget). Your opponent will receive the average rating of everyone on your team; but at least one player on your team needs to do it to maximize your own received rating. 

Calculation/Interpretation Key:

  • If the game score is a Forfeit then the winning team = 7.25 CP and the forfeiting team = 0.00 CP (any received survey CP gets discarded).
  • If 0 players from either team fills out the survey then, both teams receive a default CP of 1.25. (You both showed and played, so you both get something)
  • If 1+ players from your team rates the opponent, your team receives +3.00 CP.
  • If 0 players from the opponent's team rates your team, AND 1+ on your team completed the survey, your team receives a max total of 7.25 CP
  • Anything in-between this is the average of received ratings.
  • As each team's CP is fluid up until the 48 hours has expired, our goal is to not post scores for Classic until the survey button disappears - in reality, sometimes it takes a little longer to get the scores from some referees . We generally don't like going longer than a week without game scores being posted. 
  • CP for a game will only display and aggregate with standings once a game status is listed as Final, Unofficial, or Forfeit. 

In Summary:
Each team gets +3.00 CP when at least one player from that team submits the survey.
A base of 1.25  up to a max of 4.25 additional points can get added to your CP based on the average of your opponent responses for that game.
If your opponent did not complete the survey, and you did, your team gets the max CP of 7.25.

Ties at the end of the season for 1st place in the Classic standings get .25 added to last game for who has the lowest run differential.
Why the lowest Run Differential? Because your'e probably you're more fun if you let your opponent score some runs, you don't run up the score too much, and close games are always fun!

PLAN for Fun:
Ex - Wear costumes, bring extra beverages, plan your fun challenges in advance, and/or bring some sideline tunes, etc...

EXECUTE your "Fun Plan":
Ex - Show good sportsmanship, share a beverage, consume responsibly, make friends with the other team, and/or party hardy. etc...

Display your Classic SPIRIT:
Ex - Impress the other team, don't be a knucklehead, be inclusive, and/or having the right team attitude before/during/after the game, etc...



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