Parking is getting very tight - especially at Crittenden and GVP Main. We really really need teams/players to carpool more(often). 

When we can mass carpool as a league, it not only gets you a better & closer parking spot to your game field, but it also allows you to enjoy your kickball night better. What better way to get to kickball or head to your sponsor kickball with a little carpool karaoke. More riders = more socialization = more fun.

Use that group car time to talk through theme nights, come up with new challenge ideas, or decide who's on beverage duty next week. Take turns driving each week with your friends,  Don't have any friends? You're playing kickball - you better make some quick! Don't violate Rule #3:

Meet new people, network, make friends, and hopefully find a soul mate.
If everyone arrived with at least 1 thunder buddy we'd be able to cut parking congestion in half; besides, most of your team is all going to the same place afterwards anyways. Better yet, share a ride-share. 

We're only using 6 fields max at Crittenden right now, We've used 9 before on a double header night (that's like 18 teams leaving and 18 teams arriving at the same time) - and barely anyone had to park on the road - we can do this, it's been done before, and we can continue to do it again... Parking concerns is one of the reasons over a dozen teams got wait-listed this summer and didn't get to play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.

It's also super rare that we've seen cars need to park on the back wooded cut-through road behind the upper parking lot at GVP Main. That shouldn't be happening - and if we continue to see it, your team may be the unlucky one that doesn't get to play next season due to increased parking constraints. 

This is also your reminder to stick to the designated parking areas - We shouldn't be parking half way down the access trail to GVP Main #12. Avoid parking along the bottle neck at Crittenden by field #20. We should be able to get two cars in and out at the same time at Crittenden. In the unfortunate event that there is a major injury, we want the ambulance to be able to reach you. Don't leave huge space gaps between your car and the next when finding a parking spot. No U-turns in the grass or driving across the park or fields.

Here's the appropriate KLOR Rules for vehicle use:

Please carpool as often as possible and use parking spaces appropriately.
NO VEHICLES ARE TO BE DRIVEN OUT OR PARKED IN THE LAWN. Service roads are for service and emergency vehicles only.
Speeding, peeling out, and general reckless vehicle operation on park property and near surrounding residences falls under “UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR”. This includes but is not limited to vehicles that disrespect park property or circumvent intended parking controls or block roadways; such as gates, barriers, curbs, ditches, walking paths, or inappropriate encroachments of vehicles across the grass in non-curbed or controlled roadways and parking areas.
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