No Glass Allowed!!! Seriously - This is a big big big No-No. 

No beer bottles, no champagne bottles, no mason or moonshine jars, no growlers, no glass boots, no glass shotglasses, no wine glasses...

If it's made of glass - don't bring it into the park.

If you have a spectator, parent, teammate, friend, acquaintance, or any other type of individual as part of your team - who brings glass - it needs to be removed immediately. If /when we or another official sees it, we will immediately stop games (yes, even for your spectators). Non-compliance will likely result in ejection or forfeiture of games. It's all about the container - not the liquid in the container. Dumping or consuming the liquid and putting it in your team's "empties bag" does not rectify the issue - get it off the field - put it in your car - locate a trash receptacle (if present). Disposing of glass or any other type of containers or rubbish into the brush or woods is unlawful, unsportsmanlike, "unbecoming of a kickball player", and just plain shameful. 

Per KLOR Rules:
No glass or draught containers are permitted in Monroe County Parks; this is part of Monroe County Park Law. KLOR officials will ask teams and their spectators to remove any and all glass visible at the start of the game. Games will not begin until all glass or draught containers have been removed. Any team and their spectators that again have glass visible fifteen minutes after the start of the scheduled game will forfeit the game.

It's all fun and games until someone breaks and steps on broken glass. If a bottle is accidentally left behind, it may not be seen during park mowing; nobody wants broken or shattered and scattered glass in their field. We want barefoot kickers to enjoy more time in the park and not at the hospital or urgent care.
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