It's time to design the back of the 2019 Spring Kickball T-Shirt.
For the past few of years we've turned some of the creative control over to the players. This is your kickball league, so why not have some fun with it.
Here's how this typically goes down: 
  • Grab a pen, a pencil, or something that leaves your mark.
  • Grab a napkin, some paper, or open up MS Paint.
  • Start drawing, doodling, scribbling, and show off your copy/paste skills.
  • All Done? Good!
  • Now take a picture of it, screenshot it, save it, scan it, or whatever else it...
    • (just digitize it somehow into a .PNG, .JPEG, .AI, .EPS, or .PDF format.)
  • Then send it... digitally... to 
We'll pick the top three (or so) submissions that fit within the outlined criteria and we'll put them on an event on the KLOR facebook page so we can poll the options and our facebook fans votes on the winner.
The winning design gets to be printed on the back of all of the t-shirts for that season and the artist wins a KLOR Pint Glass... maybe something else too, but only if we're feeling saucy... You'll never know unless you try.
The Outlined Criteria:
  • Incorporate the Labatt logo into it somehow.
  • Keep it simple. Anything too complex will drive us insane to prepare it for screen printing.
  • We typically print he majority of the design in white, However, we have some options for a few colors.
    • Look at an old Kickball T-shirt get an idea, but you could potentially use blue, red, black, grey... whatever colors in are in the Labatt logo.
  • You have the option to incorporate "" into your design. If not, we'll put it above your design on the back of your shirt.
    • Yes, we have to advertise ourselves when you wear your T-shirt to the bar, zoo, or church.
    • Yes, the R & K need to be uppercase. 
The Fine Print:
  • We reserve the right to print and re-print your design.
  • It's going to become part of the KLOR culture, but you can brag about it all you want.
  • We reserve the right to tweak your design before it's put out for voting and/or printing. It comes with the territory with printing a design.
  • You're not allowed to get upset with us if we don't capture the true essence of your design.
    • Especially if we're accepting designs drawn on a bar napkin which you took a picture of, filtered, put on Instagram, took a screenshot, then e-mailed to us, and we had to re-design from scratch.
  • We must receive your design by:
    • Thu, Apr 4th by Noon.
      • We need to have time to tweak them, put them out for voting, get the winner to our vendor for proofing and be ready when the blank shirts are ready for  printing.
  • .PNG, .JPEG, .AI, .EPS, or .PDF format only. It must also come in an e-mail to
We'll do our best to work with whatever you send us. We're really just looking for ideas here. A sketch, a doodle, a smash-ter-piece. Heck, just write a paragraph of what you'd like to see on the back; just put an image in our heads and we'll run with it, and we'll kickball it back to ya. Game on Rochester.

Below are some submissions that we're voted on from the last few seasons:

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