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Early July 2018 - Kickball News


Summer & Fall Referee Recruitment


We're currently looking for players or individuals who are interested in helping others enjoy their weeknights of kickball. With over 330 teams this summer and a large portion of teams sticking around for fall (when we need refs the most), we're in dire need of individuals with the right attitude and some good kickball knowledge to help us for the remainder of the calendar year (now through mid October). Some of our best referees are the players that live the game each week. It's a great way to earn some extra cash ($$$) to supplement your fun-loving & social lifestyle. You can earn back what you paid towards your summer team in 1 to 2 nights. Our Referee Trainers are ready to get you started and we'll provide you with all the necessary equipment.

? Work outside, getting fresh air, & enjoying the summer weather.
? Making $$$ doing something fun.
? On weeknights, after work, and still getting home in time to Netflix n' Chill.

Looks like it checks all the boxes, right?!? We have immediate openings on Thursdays, Fridays, and other nights when our ref availability is low. Join our great team today!


Summer 2018 Pub Crawl


Summer teams should save the date now for the Summer 2018 Pub Crawl. This will take place at the end of the season on Sat, Aug 25th.  This is a FREE event to celebrate and enjoy time with your teammates (See Rules #2 & #3). Show up in your Summer 2018 t-shirt to automatically be entered into and hopefully win the swell (and free) raffle prizes at each stop. 

We also hold a side $1/ticket raffle  for a "big ticket item" to donate a little extra to our seasonal charity. 100% of this side raffle (the full dollar) always goes to the selected charity. No need to be present to win this one, so if you're an early bird or lose us along the way, you could still take the top prize at the end of the night.

Summer is also when we do our annual Rochester City School District school supplies drive to help out students in need. Things like notebooks, backpacks, crayons, pencils, etc go a long way for the kids. Those who donate are entered into a third raffle for a pretty neat prize as well (TBA).

So come on out and live up the evening with us and all your kickballin' buddies, as we mark the end of summer with a dash of good ol' fashioned charitable giving.


Summer 2018 Charity - Best Buddies


You've likely noticed by now, but Best Buddies has been selected as our summer 2018 charity. This organization is dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities... We've already raised over $3,300 for Best Buddies this summer and if you join us on the summer crawl noted above, we can up that donation.


Getting to & Starting Games on Time


Just a quick reminder to Summer Teams to arrive to games before or on time for your scheduled game times; so that games can begin promptly at the indicated start time. We've noticed a trend with teams arriving late or not being ready to go at start times. We want to make sure you're getting your full games in; which is half the fun. If you have enough players to start come game time, we're going to want to get your game going as soon as possible. 


Trash, Garbage, & Potty Etiquette


A quick reminder that the Parks are carry-in/carry-out. You are not to leave cans, trash, wrappers, bags, pet droppings, cups, etc; behind. Plan ahead and bring some extra bags for disposable or returnable items. If you see a trash can, please use it. Do not leave messes for other teams or for other users of the park. DO NOT leave trash or cans in or next to the Port-O-Potties. This is unacceptable. These temporary facilities are provided as a courtesy by the parks. If they are abused, they can be taken away.


Carpooling, Congestion, Parking, Etc...


Just a quick reminder to car pool whenever possible. It not only creates an avenue for maximum social enjoyment, but also helps us keep enough parking available so teams can get to games on time and reduce congestion. This is especially crucial at Crittenden, where space is limited and the gravel pathway can easily create a bottleneck for entering/exiting vehicles. Additionally, we've seen individuals encroaching too far into grass areas as well as peeling out, speeding, and driving in a unnecessary manner to and away from games. This is a major no-no; especially in residential areas (such as Crittenden) where there's children, deer, a nearby bike/trail crossing, and obviously your fellow kickballers.  


Fall 2018 Team Registration - Sun, July 15th 


Fall season registration will open online the evening of Sun, July 15th. A $100 deposit secures your version, night of the week, and t-shirt color. Team spots are on a first-come first-served basis. The first couple hours of registration are broken down by version. The hot time frame for this is usually the 4pm-ish to 8pm-ish hours. Typically we have Classic open for an hour, then close. We do a quick 30 minute prep then open Vintage for an hour. Classic is then re-opened with whatever spots are remaining and both versions are available until all team spots fill up or registration ends. We're expecting another approximately 200+ teams for fall. With limitations on referees (see above) and decreased daylight, team spots generally get secured quickly; so start your fall team prep now.


Other Quick Reminders


 → No glass containers allowed in the park (bottles, glasses, growlers, jars, boots, etc).
 → Clean up after and leash your pets in the parks.
 → No kegs/draught(draft) containers allowed in the parks.
 → Assume games are ON, unless notified otherwise; yes, we play in the rain.
 → No metal spikes/cleats.
 → Everyone must be 21+ to participate.


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