Announcing the K-KAM360 Challenge Platform!

The Kickball League of Rochester is excited to announce the launch of it's 360° video replay platform, the K-KAM360!

Beginning Monday, April 30th, all kickball fields for 2018 will now be K-KAM360 equipped; enabling video playback for Challenge calls and after game review for everyone on your team. We have found that too often KLOR referees having to be in over four different places at once and they never have the appropriate viewing angle.

All that is about to change with this revolutionary platform.

It's all about connectivity and connecting the referee to each base and the ball. We truly believe that this will be a game changer.

The central piece of the K-KAM360 platform are the 360ConeKam wireless streaming proximity camcorders. These cameras will be placed inside four of the usually placed orange cones; the two cones at home, the one by 1st base, and the last at 3rd base.

All 360ConeKam's are synced to each other and provide distance measurements through its integrated GPS and proximity sensors.

In addition we'll be strapping balls with our compact wireless streaming proximity camcorders; the 4KBallKam. These cameras also sync with the 360ConeKams, providing us with important ball proximity data.

Now we know what you're thinking:
"What about the Ref?".

Each KLOR Referee will now be harnessed up with a 4KRefKam and the 4KHatKam as well.

This will allow our 4KBallStream mobile app to set and compare the referee's location and body position, in conjunction with the the 360ConeKam proximity data to calculate the most accurate data regarding a Challenge! 

Disclaimer: We fully realize that the referee should additionally be wearing a camera and proximity sensor on their head to more accurately determine where they were looking at the time of the play that is being considered.

We hit a snag in the R &D stage when we tested the sensor in conjunction with brimmed hats. Brimmed hats completely threw off our error-margin calculation and we didn't want our referees heads to be exposed to sun & summer heat unprotected without a brim. As such, the 
4KHatKam will be released mid-May 2018 with a special software modification to discard video artifacts if and when the brim is in view.

An official press release will be issued upon its release and deployment.

All of our K-KAM360 cameras have the capacity to stream the action live via Bluetooth to KLOR's exclusive 4KBallStream mobile app, exclusively for referees; which is currently in its final stages of development.    

KLOR's 4KBallStream app will automatically break down plays, frame-by-frame, to calculate and determine the error-margin of each challenged play. Any play with a 35% or greater error-margin will be guaranteed to qualify for challenge consideration. 

Note: Until the release of the 4KHatKam, an error-margin of 45% will be considered.

Furthermore, all of the in-game fun will auto-upload to our website and link directly and automatically to your Team Portal. You'll be able to play back and re-live all the shenanigans in within 30 minutes of the end of your game. Toggle between each individual video stream from any of the 360ConeKams, the 4KBallCam, the 4KRefKam, or the 4KHatKam (upon its release).

Want to capture a close-up of all the Challenge activity fun? One of the best features of this platform is the 360ConeKam's auto-sync capability. With some quick thinking you can simply pick up one of the 360ConeKams and bring it over to capture your epic challenge activity. Just drop it back in the cone and it'll auto-calculate its position in relation to the other 360ConeKams within 5 seconds; to be ready for the next play.

For more information, see the K-KAM360 Data Sheet.

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